Moon Knight Episode 2 Review
( Photo Credit – Episode Still )

Moon Knight Episode 2 Review:

Cast: Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, and ensemble.

Creator: Jeremy Slater.

Director: Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson.

Streaming On: Disney+ Hotstar

Language: English (with subtitles).

Runtime: 50 Minutes.

Moon Knight Episode 2 Review
( Photo Credit – Episode Still )

Moon Knight Episode 2 Review: What’s It About:

The epic pilot helmed by Mohamed Diab introduced us to the blueprint of the character Moon Knight aka Steven Grant aka Marc Spector is. Episode two reveals the conflict and what is the goal given to Marc by Khonshu, who is also in a way master of some evil plans.

Moon Knight Episode 2 Review: What Works:

Moon Knight as a character has a lot of mystery intact about it. The fact that not many have read the comics and not much was spoken about Marvel’s Batman in the mainstream gives the makers a bonus. You confused how? The exploration instincts in our head are running on the top gear and even the slightest detail introduced makes us happy because we are almost a clean slate about the superhero who is one of the darkest.

The Episode two that is directed by Aron and Justin gets deeper in the phenomenon of Marc Spector. The show unlike others on the platform, is shaped in a very jigsaw puzzle manner. With every revelation the picture starts getting clearer and you kind of start looking for the next block with more clarity. We see Moon Knight in his complete glory and how exactly he functions.

The best part about this episode lies in the fact that the acknowledgement of the conflict in Steven’s head has a good screentime. Of course he is a superhero and has alter egos. But together they are vulnerable. While one is devoid of love (Grant), the other is trying to save the one he loves (Spector). There is a constant debate and tug of war that is happening when the world is silent and it is just fun to watch.

The background score in episode 2 only gets better and is different than every other Marvel flick.

Moon Knight Episode 2 Review
( Photo Credit – Episode Still )

Moon Knight Episode 2 Review: Star Performance:

Oscar Isaac rules the episode 2 of Moon Knight. The actor has to make some tough transition and that too into a single scene. He makes all three is his personalities look different while the camera is rolling and you can only marvel at his craft.

Ethan Hawke gets to show his more evil side and the actor doesn’t disappoint. My concern was how will I see him playing an out and out villain, but turns out it isn’t difficult at all.

Moon Knight Episode 2  Review: What Doesn’t Work:

The action should have been more fleshed out and better. Of course Isaac mouthing those funny line while he is in a combat are exciting, but the action doesn’t compliment it. And considering that a major part of the episode is combat, it does pull down the bar.

Moon Knight Episode 2  Review: Last Words:

Moon Knight is constant in exciting and entertaining us. The show has a lot to achieve yet and one can only see good things from here on.

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