Moon Knight Web Review
( Photo Credit – Episode Still )

Moon Knight Review:

Cast: Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, and ensemble.

Creator: Jeremy Slater.

Director: Mohamed Diab

Streaming On: Disney+ Hotstar.

Language: English (with subtitles).

Runtime: 45 Minutes.

Moon Knight Web Review
( Photo Credit – Episode Still )

Moon Knight Episode 1 Review: What’s It About:

A man named Steven Grant (Oscar) who believes he has a mental disorder is living his life working at a museum in London. But the mystery is deeper than he thinks, and he is the mercenary empowered by the Egyptian Moon God Khonshu. When he thinks he is hallucinating, it is actually his alter ego Marc Spector aka Moon Knight using his body to save the world. Episode one is the confusion and the deadly realisation of power, devil and his moto.

Moon Knight Episode 1 Review: What Works:

The strength of Moon Knight created by Jeremy Slater and directed by Mohamed Diab is in the fact that it is not trying hard to be different, but it is different! Out of all the shows that pocket the universe in a constrained space for niche characters giving them a big story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Moon Knight has the privilege of having no baggage. For example, Steve Rogers walking away had an impact on The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, Vision’s death led to WandaVision, Loki travelled to the highest dimension to unravel things. But Moon Knight out of all is still finding its place and existence in this world.

Here is a man who ties himself up to a pole while he sleeps, so he doesn’t sleep walk while he “dreams”. He talks to a fish, a man who acts as a statue to earn livelihood and even to thin air. So when the voices inside him, that of Khonshu talk to him, it becomes a big mess. With the first episode, the makers not only acknowledge this man and his superhero condition, but also explore the loneliness and deep end of darkness it has moved him into.

To create the impact of dissociative identity disorder (never mentioned once, which is a good thing), the makers throw ample reflective surfaces around Steven Grant. The water, mirrors and even shinny surfaces as he passes by them. And when finally they show what their existence is in the series, you recall all the reflection you have seen so far.

Apart from being edgy and darker than all other Marvel Disney series’ pilots, Moon Knight is also culturally very strong. Marvel is trying to bring in representation and this show ranks the highest in doing so. In a scene when Steven corrects the mistake a London museum makes about Egyptian Gods, it is like Mohamed Diab is himself teaching the world about a landscape that is highly misrepresented. Read his most recent interviews as he called out Black Adam and Wonder Woman makers, you will know what I mean.

Moon Knight Web Review
( Photo Credit – Episode Still )

Moon Knight Episode 1 Review: Star Performance:

When Oscar Isaac was announced, everyone was left confused as to what would he bring on the table. One episode and everyone should be convinced that he is the right choice. He has not one but three characters to play and interchange through in blink of an eye. The makers make him look as confused as the audience and it is his perspective you are watching the show from. I am excited to see what more he brings to the table.

Ethan Hawke enters like a God Man who has created a cult that functions on purity. His only purpose is to bring back Demon-Goddess Ammit. The actor brings mystery and fear both alive around him. His presence makes one intimidated and how Marc Spector and Steven Grant will over power him will be a fun show to watch.

Moon Knight Episode 1  Review: What Doesn’t Work:

There is nothing that isn’t working for me right now.

Moon Knight Episode 1  Review: Last Words:

This is one of the most unique and different Marvel product in the longest time. There is a lot to learn and explore. Get on board as soon as you can.

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