Moon Knight Episode 5 Review Out!
Moon Knight Episode 5 Review Ft. Oscar Isaac & Ethan Hawke(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Moon Knight Episode 5 Review: Star Rating:


Cast: Oscar Isaac & Ethan Hawke.

Creator: Jeremy Slater.

Director: Mohamed Diab

Streaming On: Disney+ Hotstar

Language: English (With Subtitles).

Runtime: 47 Minutes

Moon Knight Episode 5 Review Out!
Moon Knight Episode 5 Review Ft. Oscar Isaac & Ethan Hawke

Moon Knight Episode 5 Review: What’s It About:

Remember the Hippo-looking Egyptian mysterious figure that appeared at the end of episode 4? Well, it is her and Marc/Steven figuring out things and revealing big secrets, which cannot be spoken about without giving spoilers.

Moon Knight Episode 5 Review: What Works:

So far, Moon Knight has served as one of the most uniquely written shows out of the Marvel mill. The idea is that a man has three personalities inside him, a mercenary (Marc), a coy librarian (Steven) & an Egyptian God’s avatar (Moon Knight). I know Marc is Moon Knight but let’s make things easier. In Episode 5, which serves as the second last episode of the season, the writers dare and I would emphasise the word DARE to de-construct their entire narrative and split the personalities they have bound in one man.

Directed by the perfect Mohamed Diab, Episode 5 is penned by Rebecca Kirsch and Matthew Orton. The two go reverse in dissecting the phenomenon of Marc/Steven’s joined existence and get into the root of the disorder. While they were very much one so far for the past four weeks, now they are two different individuals trying to know what happened in the years they were taken over by each other. The idea is to get into Marc’s head that suffers the Dissociative Identity Disorder and tell you where Steven actually came from.

Episode 5 is what the first episode of Moon Knight could have been if in the hands of a generic filmmaker. But creator Jeremy Slater, Mohamed and their team make sure this isn’t just another MCU vehicle trying to take the respective phase ahead, but a story of a character that is dark, brutal, confused and almost directionless, all at the same time.

The age-old blueprint of telling a superhero story has been broken and the team needs to take the credit. I can’t talk any further without giving spoilers, so I will stop.

Moon Knight Episode 5 Review Out!
Moon Knight Episode 5 Review Ft. Oscar Isaac & Ethan Hawke

Moon Knight Episode 5 Review: Star Performance:

Oscar Isaac is entirely the man of this phase of the show. And he has to play the character as two separate entities now. Steven and Marc both have separate bodies and minds. The actor has played making them look in the same body, do you think it is even a task for him to play them separately?

Ethan Hawke plays an entirely different human than Harrow now and is fun to watch.

Moon Knight Episode 5 Review: What Doesn’t Work:

Mohamed Diab must be the first bencher. He likes his things perfect and rarely does he leave voids.

Moon Knight Episode 5 Review: Last Words:

If Moon Knight manages to stay afloat and give a brilliant climax this will be the best show to come out of the MCU mill at par with Loki. Fingers crossed and anticipation raised!


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