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Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Review Ft. Imam Vellani & Farhan Akhtar( Photo Credit – Still from Ms. Marvel )

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Review: Star Rating:


Cast: Imam Vellani, Matt Lintz, Mohan Kapur, Rish Shah, Zenobia Shroff, Nimra Bucha, Farhan Akhtar, Fawad Khan and ensemble.

Creator: Bisha K. Ali.

Director: Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Streaming On: Disney+ Hotstar

Language: English (with subtitles).

Runtime: 45 Minutes

( Photo Credit – Still from Ms. Marvel )

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Review: What’s It About:

Kamala has just got to know what her powers are but ‘what for’ is what she needs to decode. Nani calls her to Karachi and that is where the roots of her existence rest. A secret group finds her and the head is a man who oaths to help Kamala in saving what she doesn’t even know completely yet. Get on board because there are loads of action-packed.

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Review: What Works:

Marvel only keeps surprising me and I am not complaining. Ms. Marvel is a show about a human with humane conflicts and how she tackles them with a superpower with a touch of humanity. The writing is more close to home than ever because it is no longer a white folk translating whatever he sees through his diluted perspective. It is more researched and lived in now. For someone sitting in the West, this might seem like a boy making a fuss about a basic thing. But to me, this shouts representation and I am happy.

I see Shah Rukh Khan mentioned organically without a white folk taking his name just so it could tick mark a pointer. I see Hindi songs organically being blended into an English narrative and they don’t look alien. These might be basic steps but they are big. Remember what they did with Kingo’s Bollywood roots in the Eternals? Well, Ms. Marvel is definitely compensation for that crime and I am accepting the apology Kevin!

Coming to Episode 4, we are bang in the middle of the season and the things only heat up from here. Kamala is in Pakistan, specifically Karachi and thank God someone showed how normal the landscape is and not like how everyone assumes it to be. The episode goes deeper into the folklore of Djin and what exactly this universe is.

What the writing also does is acknowledging the partition and how the British were the real villains of it. It highlights the pain of the exodus and how it dented the world forever. Now you understand why I say it is a world lived in and not translated by someone who might have never even heard about it.

The action part of Episode 4 is a treat. A chase takes place in the busy lane of a market. The design is so good that each combat during this chase only makes you more pumped up about the next. Also, there is Farhan Akhtar and he is doing some action too. And did I tell you Fawaa…..

Also, Ali Sethi I am proud, happy, in love and everything in between. You will know!

( Photo Credit – Still from Ms. Marvel )

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Review: Star Performance:

While everyone continues to shine, there is a major addition in the cast. Farhan Akhtar joins as a head of a cult and the way he flows through the narrative is quite interesting.

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Review: What Doesn’t Work:

Akhtar’s climax in this episode has kept me on the edge. If he was hired only for this and nothing more, I will be supremely disappointed.

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Review: Last Words:

While I thought nothing will overshadow Moon Knight at least for some time, Marvel proved me wrong and that is good. Everyone in the world needs to watch this, especially every Asian. You are being represented and if you don’t support this, we might just kill the interest.


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