Dasara Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Nani, Keerthy Suresh, Shine Tom Chacko, Dheekshith Shetty

Director: Srikanth Odela

Dasara Movie Review
Dasara Movie Review ( Photo Credit – Dasara Poster )

What’s Good: Nani thrashing the baddies on Santhosh Narayanan’s music

What’s Bad: Trying to say too many things without trying to explain anyone in particular

Loo Break: Each and every song apart from the ‘Silk Bar’ one

Watch or Not?: Only if you’re a die-hard Nani fan

Available on: Theatrical Release

Runtime: 156 Minutes

User Rating:

We jump into the story of Veerlapalle, a raw, rusty & dusty village with Black air flowing around it; men say ‘good morning’ to each other when the only bar ‘Silk’ opens up for serving & it’s visible to outsiders only when they look carefully for it. Nope, I haven’t made this up; that’s the actual intro of the city, giving you an idea of what kind of business you’ll get into.

Dharani (Nani) & Suri (Dheekshith Shetty) are best childhood buds who were into coal stealing and loving the same girl Vennela (Keerthy Suresh). With the ban on alcohol by NTR Rao, the political war between two families erupts, bringing chaos to the lives of normal people. Dharani & Suri jump between the two families according to their interests, with the story eventually turning into a revenge drama with the shades of a pretentiously sad love story.

Dasara Movie Review
Dasara Movie Review ( Photo Credit – Dasara Poster )

Dasara Movie Review: Script Analysis

Director Srikanth Odela, along with writers Jella Srinath, Arjuna Paturi & Vamsi Krishna P, pens a story that touches upon subjects like casteism, friendship, heartbreak, politics, alcoholism, a bit of mythology and whatnot. It doesn’t mimic KGF or Pushpa, but it also doesn’t have a voice of its own to stand apart from the rest.

The characters take too many dumb decisions just to build up the scene to the grand finale, which sees Nani’s Dharani thrashing the baddies before a mammoth Ravana’s burning effigy. Showcasing Dharani’s thoughts when he’s down in the climax through a shoddily edited friendship montage to bring him back remains one of the film’s worst decisions. Naveen Nooli’s editing doesn’t really help much in calming down the chaos.

Dasara Movie Review: Star Performance

Nani doing drama > Nani doing action. Yes, he’s amazing with his moves, but just notice him processing heartbreak in the film, and you’ll see why he proudly owns the tag of being a ‘Natural Star’. Though, he deserved a better movie for this performance.

Keerthy Suresh’s Vennela fails to find a solid ground for herself amidst the world of men in the film. She starts off on a promising note but fades into being the love of one hero and the heartbreak of another. The other hero is, Dheekshith Shetty, who manages to stand well amid the heroic aura of Nani.

Dasara Movie Review
Dasara Movie Review ( Photo Credit – Dasara Poster )

Dasara Movie Review: Direction, Music

Srikanth Odela‘s debut is a lost opportunity, as this could’ve been way better than what it is now. The film fails at the script level, and he can definitely better this with a good story next time.

Santhosh Narayanan’s music pumps up the dead mood in many scenes. The jazzy flavour comes across as a fresh attempt at orchestrating some fantastic set pieces. Every song is a turn-off apart from the Silk Bar one as that, in a strange way, narrates the story instead of taking space.

Dasara Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, Dasara could’ve easily hit the ball out of the park with the kind of energy it had, but it messes up at the root level, which kind of gets impossible to recover from.

Two stars!

Dasara Trailer

Dasara releases on March 30, 2023.

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