Writer Padmabhushan Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Suhas, Tina Shilparaj, Rohini, Ashish Vidyarthi and Gowri Priya.

Director: Shanmukha Prasanth.

Writer Padmabhushan Movie Review Out ( Photo Credit – Poster from Writer Padmabhushan )

What’s Good: The heart of this story lies in its details and Suhas and Rohini’s stellar performances.

What’s Bad: The chaos that the movie tries to create feels very half-baked.

Loo Break: It’s a feel-good movie, and you can pause to attend the nature’s call if it’s too urgent.

Watch or Not?: You must. Watch it when you want to only consume content that makes you feel good without demanding too much in return.

Language: Telugu (with subtitles).

Available On: Zee5.

Runtime: 118 minutes

User Rating:

A budding writer is busy cracking the code to becoming a successful author as he roams around with copies of his first book, selling them door to door. One day, when a turn of events makes him hide behind a disguise, a story unfolds and demands him to find his redemption.

Writer Padmabhushan Movie Review Out ( Photo Credit – Still from Writer Padmabhushan )

Writer Padmabhushan Movie Review: Script Analysis

Some films once in a while manage to impress their audience with the very opening. It welcomes them so warmly that even if there are some bumps in the way, the audience tends to forgive the makers because the ride has been pleasant and rewarding to be bothered about one bump. Writer Padmabhushan is one such movie that manages to immerse you in the very beginning and even manages to keep you engaged for a very long time.

Written by Shanmukha Prasanth, Writer Padmabhushan is a light-hearted drama about a man who wants to make it big in life, an aspiration he has had since his childhood. Ingrained and motivated by his parents, there is no human villain in his story because the world is supportive of his decision. The villain is his own lack of conviction, and that stops him from being the best. The writing so beautifully captures this tale as it begins. It instantly grabs the audience and impresses them as it compares Padmabhushan’s love for writing with Kerala, cinema, and parents and their children. So you know, even when the writer lacks conviction, he is still very dedicated to the profession.

While the larger things in the narrative of Writer Padmabhushan do walk a very bumpy path. The big goof-up doesn’t land well and is barely entertaining. The climax unfolds very haphazardly. But the power of this script lies in the little details it sprinkles throughout the way. It talks about the fathers who are happy when an extra penny is saved in some month. How they will try to show their status to the world no matter what. Here, Ashish Vidyarthi takes an auto rickshaw halfway to a wedding and then switches to a car so his status is matched at the event.

While focusing on fathers, the film also addresses the plight of mothers, who sometimes sacrifice almost their entire existence to raise children. Talking more about this might spoil the experience, but it is a very earnest attempt to pay homage to the original firebrands who actually shaped the achievers with their love and care. There is so much heart to this film just because of this one trajectory.

Writer Padmabhushan Movie Review: Star Performance

Suhas is a natural performer, and even when he is not the quintessential face, the talent he brings to the table is unparalleled, and one has to notice him no matter what. There are moments where he is vulnerable multiple times, and they land well only because he is amazing at enacting them.

Supporting him silently and strongly is Rohini playing his mother. The actor plays in the background and does a very impactful job when she gets to play in the front. Backing her up is a stellar Ashish Vidyarthi, who plays the father and is a winner because he got to crack situational comedy, handle the emotional core of the film, and also have the moment of realisation.

Writer Padmabhushan Movie Review Out ( Photo Credit – Still from Writer Padmabhushan )

Writer Padmabhushan Movie Review: Direction, Music

Shanmukha Prasanth, as a director, doesn’t believe in going overboard with anything. His approach is very simple, and he keeps that consistent throughout the runtime. He does dwindle a bit in the chaotic sequence but manages to bounce back really soon.

The music by Sekhar Chandra is catchy and will remain on many playlists for a while.

Writer Padmabhushan Movie Review: The Last Word

Writer Padmabhushan is a movie made with pure intention and a heart in the right place. Watch it with your loved ones over this weekend.

Writer Padmabhushan Trailer

Writer Padmabhushan releases on 03rd February, 2023.

Share with us your experience of watching Writer Padmabhushan.

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