Alone Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Mohanlal.

Director: Shaji Kailas.

Alone Movie Review
Alone Movie Review Out ( Photo Credit – A Still From Alone )

What’s Good: A crisp runtime that makes one suffer less.

What’s Bad: The idea in itself. The confusion about what to focus on. Mohanlal’s conviction to make this work.

Loo Break: Stay in there and watch some reels maybe.

Watch or Not?: There is no other polite way to say this, but don’t. Never thought I would say this for a Mohanlal movie.

Language: Malayalam (with subtitles)

Available on: disney+ Hotstar.

Runtime: 122 Minutes.

User Rating:

Amidst the pandemic, a man named Kalidas (Mohanlal) with his fancy mask moves into a new apartment in a very posh high-rise building. Soon he begins to observe some supernatural elements around him and he gets on the job to find out what it is. A murder mystery is unraveled leading to one of the most problematic climaxes ever.

Alone Movie Review
Alone Movie Review Out  ( Photo Credit – A Still From Alone )

Alone Movie Review: Script Analysis

The pandemic and what followed is a classic setup for filmmakers to write and make movies on. Some have even tried their hands and managed to churn out good stories. The most recent half-baked attempt starring Nayanthara was Connect. But if you thought that half-baked attempt and the rock bottom is close enough, let me show you Mohanlal unfortunately exploring the deeper rock bottom with a movie that rarely qualifies as anything but a script like some drunk person wrote all the blurry mixed idea on a piece of paper he found at the bar.

Alone as the name suggests as just one actor acts all the time and God somebody save Mohanlal, please. The movie opens like it is the smartest of them all. A man with too many colourful t-shirts and obsessed with liquor enters a posh society. The logic leaves the building the very minute he enters a room numbered 13A and he is surprised that it is ghosted. It had to be sir! Now there is a pandemic ongoing and one must look at the idea of only keeping Mohanlal in frame and making every character a voice speaking over calls or from behind doors or as ghost in the void. Alone never even tries to bring in some substance because it is so invested in telling a story that is boring and bizarre.

Screenplay written by Rajesh Jayaraman, Alone is the funniest mystery movie you will see because there is a man who is jumping and walking like an animated character bending every system possible talking like a cult leader wearing beach t-shirts. He enjoys when he hears someone break somebody’s bones and says ‘good job’. What is this even? Also, the aforementioned ghost has no say in the entire case only to realise that their existence was questionable extent. The end twist is so done to death that you can literally ignore the climax. But the biggest question is where is the consequence to a man with so big criminal instinct? He drives his Batmobile looking car into a vibrant oblivion like he has fans for doing that. No one can decode what this movie is.

Alone Movie Review: Star Performance

Mohanlal is busy giving us one after the other worst performances and this is the limit now. The actor was definitely forced to do this because there is no other explanation to what he does. Everything about this character looks so forced that he is not believable for even a minute.

Alone Movie Review
Alone Movie Review Out  ( Photo Credit – A Still From Alone )

Alone Movie Review: Direction, Music

My mind refuses to believe that Mohanlal and Shaji Kailas together have given us Narasimham. How can a pairing so successful go so abysmally wrong?

Add to that a super loud background score and a badly shaky cinematography that is attempting to look like a very edgy aspect. Everybody needs to run away from taking credits in this bowl.

Alone Movie Review: The Last Word

One can only observe that Mohanlal is busy discovering the rock bottom as he continues to give his worst with Alone. You have much better options and this is not one of them. You can skip it.

Alone Trailer

Alone releases on 26 January, 2023.

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