Here's Why Baba Ka Dhaba Is Back Trending On Twitter
Baba Ka Dhaba Trends On Twitter! Check Out Why

The year 2020 saw an offbeat trend and controversy of Baba Ka Dhaba. An elderly couple of Kanta Prasad and his wife own a small food kiosk in Delhi. Their life changed when YouTuber Gaurav Wasan made their miserable condition viral, but things turned sour when the police got involved.

Last year, Gaurav Wasan came to Kanta Prasad’s rescue, who was helpless and failing to meet even basic needs with his food stall’s income. The YouTuber made Kanta Prasad viral and several celebrities appealed to people living in Delhi to pay a visit to the food stall. Apart from making the couple viral, Wasan even raised donations for the food stall owner.

Just within a few days after Wasan’s video went viral, a huge sum of donations was raised and the life of Baba Ka Dhaba’s owner was entirely changed. In a shocking turn of events, Kanta Prasad alleged Wasan of cheating. He claimed that the YouTuber took away a huge chunk of donations by using his Dhaba’s name. The allegations were discovered to be false.

Post that incident, the relations between Kanta Prasad and Gaurav Wasan soured. But all of a sudden, the YouTuber recently paid a surprise visit to Baba Ka Dhaba after hearing of the stall’s plight due to COVID. The Dhaba owner apologized for alleging Wasan of cheating and burst out crying. He even said that he can give his life for the YouTuber.

After the news of Gaurav Wasan and Kanta Prasad’s patch up came to light, netizens are trending Baba Ka Dhaba on Twitter. Check out some reactions:

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