Witness Payal Rohatgi V/S The Inmates In The Daringbaazi Task in Lock Upp!
Witness Payal Rohatgi V/S The Inmates In The Daringbaazi Task in Lock Upp! ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Lock Upp Poster )

After yesterday’s enormous brawl among the inmates, a brand-new day begins in Lock Upp with a brand-new task! Today’s Sharirik Shram is to create chutney by cleaning vegetables and grinding them in a stone grinder. The winning parameters are the quality and quantity of the chutney.

Kaaranvir Bohra and Zeeshan Khan participate from the Right block, while Poonam Pandey and Saisha Shinde join from the Left block. During this shram, Payal Rohatgi and Mandana Karimi have a verbal spat as Payal is adamant that she has better chutney-making skills than Mandana. Finally, the left block makes 15 jars, while the right block makes 11 jars of chutney.



Based on the taste and the quantity of the chutney, the Left block wins the sharirik shram and, as usual, Poonam gets emotional after the win. On losing the task, Payal Rohatgi starts complaining to Kaaranvir that the team needs to work as a team.

Later on in Lock Upp, as Anjali Arora and Saisha discuss Poonam’s application, Saisha calls Munawar Faruqui and tells him that Anjali has been asking about Poonam’s background. Not pleased by this, Munawar says he is uncomfortable discussing this and doesn’t want to be a part of the conversation.

Later in the day, Mandana Karimi breaks Azma’s hairband in anger when Azma passes comments on Mandana’s parents. This leads to a huge fight between the two. Other Lock Upp contestants, Shivam and Zeeshan also get involved, where Shivam is seen supporting Azma and Zeeshan is on Mandana’s side.

In the ‘Daringbaazi’ task aptly titled, ‘Muh se aag nahi ugalna’! Payal Rohatgi is called to the benakab zone and asked to eat spicy things thrice throughout the whole playout. Different things are served to her and the rules say that she can’t drink or eat anything else until the task is complete. She also can’t use the restroom and can’t let anyone know about the task. If the other kaidis figure out the task, she would fail. The reward for the dare is a mini refrigerator with mangoes in it and an access to the private washroom!

Payal Rohatgi agrees to do the dare and declares that she doesn’t love her team and is doing the dare for herself. The first dare starts with 2 slices of cheese chilli toast that is filled to the brim with chillies. Payal has to follow Mandana when she eats it. Seeing Payal follow Mandana, the other Kaidis get curious and start following Payal. Munawar thinks that Payal’s dare is to make Mandana and Azma friends. The second part of the dare is that Payal has to eat puri filled with thecha and chilli water shots, and she should be around Zeeshan when she eats it. Payal goes and apologizes to Zeeshan for the fights occurring between them and has a long conversation about redemption as she eats her spicy snack! The third part involves eating two green chillies when she is around Munawar.

Will Payal win the dare and gain access to the rewards? Or will the inmates figure out Payal’s secret dare?

Find out on Lock Upp only on ALTBalaji and MX Player streaming every day at 10:30 pm.

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