From Way Too Many Tattoos & N*pples To Writing Songs For Others -6 Facts About Harry Styles That Will Astonish You!
Check Out These Facts About Birthday Boy Harry Styles We Guess You Never Knew(Pic Credit: Instagram/hshq, Getty)

Harry Styles, who was christened with the middle name Edward in 1994, turns a year older today. The singer, who was inclined towards music since his school days, began his career on the X Factor in 2010. But that was just the beginning, after being eliminated, he was brought back on the show with the boy band that would later be known as One Direction.

While the Watermelon Sugar singer has achieved several accolades, including two ARIA Music Awards and a Billboard Music Award, today we take a look at some things not all Harry Style fans may know about.


From working at a bakery for £6/hour to writing songs for other singers and having upwards of 40 tattoos – here’s a look at some unknown things about Harry Styles!

Harry Styles Worked At A Local Bakery

We all have to start somewhere, and Harry did so by working at a local bakery in Holmes Chapel, England. At the age of 14, Styles was making £6 per hour at a W Mandeville bakery. Years after becoming an international sensation, the ‘Adore You’ singer returned to the bakery to shoot part of the One Direction’s movie, ‘This Is Us’.


In an interview with The Mirror, Styles’ former boss, Simon Wakefield, said, “[Harry] was the most polite member of staff we’ve ever had.”

Harry Styles Was In A Band Called White Eskimo

Before making it to the X Factor stage in 2010 and One Direction being formed, Styles was already a part of a pop-punk band called White Eskimo. He joined it in high school, and they performed at school talent shows and even at a wedding.

Recalling being a part of the band in school, he said that he even wrote an original song about luggage. Talking about the lyrics of the song, he revealed they went as, “I’ll be gone in a week or two/ Trying to find myself someplace new/ I don’t need any jackets or shoes/ The only luggage I need is you.” Sweet lyrics, right?

Harry Styles Has 50+ Tattoos Including Matching Ones With Ed Sheeran

Styles’ tattoo collection is way more than most. The ‘Lights Up’ singer has over 50 pieces of inks adorning his sexy body. These include 2 swallows facing each other on his chest, a skeleton dressed in a suit, a rose, a n*ked mermaid, an eagle, a cross, an anchor, a heart (the way we see it in biology), a pirate ship, a guitar, the Holy Bible, a massive butterfly across his stomach and more.

Did you know, he and singer Ed Sheeran have matching tattoos? Well, Sheeran has inked Styles in the past. Styles even has the logo of the Green Bay Packers tattooed on the inside of his left forearm. He said he got it after a tricky bet he made with his friends.

Recalling the incident, he said, “We were watching a game and before the game we said, ‘If they win the game, then I’ll get a Packers tattoo. If they don’t, I won’t.’” He continued, “I only had time the day before the game to go and get the tattoo, so I thought ‘I’ll just get it ’cause they’re gonna win.’ So i got the tattoo and then they lost.”

Harry Styles Has Written Songs For Ariana Grande & Meghan Trainor

Writing songs for other singer is nothing new in the entertainment world. But being a famous person and writing them for another renowned artiste is something we usually don’t see. Styles co-wrote ‘Just a Little Bit of Your Heart’ for Ariana Grande to perform. Talking about the same, Grande told MTV she cried the first time she heard the song. The ballad is part of Grande’s album ‘My Everything.’

Beside Ariana, Styles has also helped write the words for the romantic ballad ‘Someday Maybe’ with Meghan Trainor. The track is part of Michael Bublé’s 2016 album.

Harry Styles Bit Off His Tongue While Doing Magic Mushroom

When your high you can be up to anything and the same is true for Styles. The musician once recalled an incident during the making of his 2019 album ‘Fine Line’ when he was under the influence of magic mushrooms. In a conversation with Rolling Stone, he said that he injured himself while tripping on mushrooms at the Shangri-La recording studio in Malibu.

Harry said, “This is where I was standing when we were doing mushrooms and I bit off the tip of my tongue. So I was trying to sing with all this blood gushing out of my mouth.” Tripping isn’t good guys.

Harry Styles Has Four N*pples

You read that right. In a 2017 interview with Chelsea Handler, the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer confirmed that he has four n*pples. While two are in the proper place, the other set is supernumerary (extra) and a little below the usual.

Happy Birthday, Harry Styles!

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