Elsa & Anna In Frozen, Lindsay Lohan’s Twin Role In The Parent Trap – 5 Time Disney Set #SiblingGoals!
These Disney Siblings Are Relatable AF! Don’t You Agree? ( Photo Credit – IMDb / The Parent Trap / Frozen )

Disney has been our companions for as long as we can remember. We have all grown up watching Disney films and cartoons and hoping to see some of the magic happening there reciprocate in our lives. From setting way to high standards for out Prince Charming and hoping for a happily ever after – Disney is also responsible for giving us #SiblingGoals!

Unlike most of its fairy tales where characters and the relationships they share are either black or white, Disney siblings are much more real. From having it out for each other (just like my siblings and me) to standing as their pillar of support during their worst time – these on-screen siblings are real AF.



So today, as you scroll through our feature of Disney siblings, we hope we make you remember yours and meet them over the weekend. From Frozen’s Else & Anna to The Incredible’s Violet & Dash and Lindsay Lohan’s twin portrayal in The Parent Trap – here are 5 Disney sibling who are sure to give you #SiblingGoals!

Elsa – Anna (Frozen)

From almost staying apart since childhood because of Else’s growing magic icy power, the sisters bond only after the newly anointed queen abandons the kingdom. The sisters share such a strong bond by the end of the film that they are willing to sacrifice their lives for each other.

Dash – Violet (The Incredibles)

They are what all siblings are. From pulling each other legs – practically – to teasing each other non-stop, they are carbon copies of what you and your siblings were during school holidays or kept in the same room with adult supervision for more than 5minutes. But when it comes to your time of need, you can always count on them to have you back – with or without superpowers.

Hiro – Tadashi (Big Hero 6)

These brothers shared a relationship that most of our parents wished we had. From imparting the best values he could in his younger sibling, Tadashi is an inspiration to all. And the conversation they share moments before he goes to save Callaghan dies is one of the best moments in the film.

Pevensie siblings (Chronicles Of Narnia)

Not 2 but 4 sibling and the equations between them is ever-changing. From not trusting each other to fooling and demeaning the relationship the four sibling share undergoes a drastic change. They ultimately place their complete trust in each other and overcome the wicked evil queen.

Hallie Parker – Annie James (Parent Trap)

What happens when you meet your sibling – cancel that – your twin for the first time in 12 years? Well, fun for them and chaos for everyone else! This fun film was or the twins – both played by Lindsay Lohan – exchanging places to get to know the other parent better. And their relationship is something everyone gets to see when they mess your brother/sister.

Which Disney sibling are you and yours the most like? Let us know in the comments.

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