From ButtaBomma To Ringa Ringa & More, 5 Times Allu Arjun Aced Choreographies We’d Fail Even In Our Dreams
ButtaBomma, Ringa Ringa & More Are Proof That Stylish Star Allu Arjun Is A ‘Master Dancer’(Pic credit: Song Stills)

When we take Telugu star Allu Arjun’s name what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Well, I bet 9 out of 10 have said his dance – and there is no arguing that. As much as I love his action, I am equally in love with his smooth dance moves and expression.

I sometimes wonder how these choreographers down south even come up with a routine for him! Do they think of the most challenging dance moves when planning the dance steps for an Arjun movie? He aces them every single one of them, and we bet he gives dancers across the globe a run for their money.



Today, from ButtaBomma in Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo to Ringa Ringa in Arya 2 and Blockbuster in Sarrainodu, we bring you 5 choreographies Allu Arjun hailed like he was born with a dancing bone – not a funny bone but a dancing bone.

ButtaBomma – Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo Songs

A film where almost every song has Allu Arjun pulling off some amazing choreographies with ease. Take for example, OMG Daddy, ButtaBomma and Ramuloo Ramulaa. These tracks are sure to get you up and dancing in no time even if you can’t ace the smooth moves of Allu. While it is difficult to pick the best or well the most challenging choreography among them, we will go with Buttabomma – and I bet many of you will agree.

Can you go the smooth hand and shoulder movements of OMG Daddy or the footwork from ButtaBomma? Well, we are still trying our best to ace it.

Top Lesi Poddi – Iddarammayilatho

Have you seen the moves Allu Arjun does in this song? Our advice to you is don’t blink else you will miss it. The energy and precision with which he moves his feet is something a person like me who trips on her own feet can only dream about. Not only his footwork but that wave-like move he does that has him standing and then on his knees is so effortless!

Ringa Ringa – Arya 2

We all know Salman Khan’s 2001 Dinka Chika takes inspiration for its tunes from Ringa Ringa their choreographies are opposite points on the spectrum. Any kids can pull off Sallu moves but bring me someone who can pull off Allu Arjun’s moves with this ease and grace & I promise I’ll be your fan for life! From his first appearance in the song to the very end, the stylish star’s energy is notches higher than ours may ever be.

Blockbuster – Sarrainodu

Can this guy get any more smooth? Well, we bet he can, and we wonder if he has bones in his body or jelly. Can you nail even half the moves Allu Arjun has with the same smoothness and ease? I can’t! I can’t do squats well for this long, and he has aced them with more complex moves!

Seeti Maar – DJ Duvvada Jagannadham

Can you balance yourself on the side edge of one foot? I think your answer is no – but Allu Arjun can do that and dance also. While the choreography looks simpler to a couple of other we can guarantee you it isn’t – I personally tried a few and failed miserably. Just see those isolations, and you will know why this stylish star is one of the best dancers down south.

After writing about just these five dances of Allu Arjun, I want to take a nap cause I am tired seeing the work he has put and how smoothly he has executed the dance moves.

Which is your favourite choreography aced by Allu Arjun? Let us know in the comments.

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