My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Vs True Beauty: Here’s Which Cha Eun Woo Starrer Scored Higher Viewership Rating
My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Vs True Beauty: Here’s Which Cha Eun Woo Starrer Scored Higher Viewership Rating ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

The South Korean idol and actor Cha Eun Woo is among the most celebrated stars in the industry. Throughout his career, the Korean heartthrob has given away several shows and stolen his fans’ hearts with his performances. Among his several shows, My ID Is Gangnam Beauty and True Beauty are the two K-dramas that have been discussed widely, mainly because of their similar themes and messages. Today, let’s review the two shows’ highest viewership ratings.

While viewers have praised both shows thoroughly, it was Eun Woo’s performance that garnered the most attention. His portrayal of a rich kid and romance with his co-stars were widely praised. Above all, the actor’s involvement in the two shows dealt with the unrealistic beauty standards in Korea and how the once considered not beautiful are often bullied by their peers.

Coming back, both My ID is Gangnam Beauty and True Beauty came out in different years, yet the two shows are highly compared due to several similarities. Apart from the social message that the two shows share, which is beauty lies within a person and not in physical appearance, they also have love triangles and the sensitive issue of bullying.

The show starred Im Soo-hyang in the lead role opposite Cha Eun Woo. She played the role of Kang Mi-rae in the show, who opted for plastic surgery after being bullied in high school. With her new face, she tries to find herself in a world that is entirely different from what she had earlier seen. As per Nielsen Korea, with its finale episode that aired in 2018, the JTBC show scored a viewership rating of 5.8% across the nation and 6.2% in the Seoul metropolitan area. This marked the show’s highest ratings throughout its run.

On the other hand, True Beauty saw Moon Ga-young in the lead role of Lim Joo-kyung, who turns to makeup to hide her face after being bullied in school and called “ugly.” Her chemistry with Cha Eun Woo was widely discussed and their romance rumors are still going on. The tvN show aired in 2021 and saw many tuning in to watch the melodrama. With its final episode, the show fell short of surpassing My ID is Gangnam Beauty’s viewership ratings and scored 4.46% across the nation. It was a little bit lower than its’ precious episode’s rating: 4.57%.

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