Before Goblin’s Gong Yoo Returns To Squid Game 2, Did You Know The Series Was Slammed For His Cameo?
Before Goblin’s Gong Yoo Returns To Squid Game 2, Did You Know The Series Was Slammed For His Cameo? (Photo Credit: Facebook; IMDb)

The South Korean drama Squid Game broke many records on the streaming platform Netflix when it arrived in September 2021. The show saw an ensemble cast and a few actors who were shot to overnight fame with its release. While the show became the most-watched content on the OTT giant with 1.65 billion viewing hours within the first 28 days of its release, it still upset many, and the reason was Gong Yoo’s cameo.

The first season of the show starred Lee Jung-jae, HoYeon Jung, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-joon, Lee Byung-hun, Anupam Tripathi and O Yeong-su. With its arrival, the show surpassed Bridgerton’s previous record of the most watched Netflix series.

Squid Game is a crime thriller series which saw over 400 people participating in a brutal game to win a hefty prize money. They play six games over a period of six days and the one who manages to live by the end wins the prize. While Jung-jaw, HoYeon Jung, Park Hae-soo and Anupam Tripathi played the role of players, the show also had a cameo by Gong Yoo, but fans were not impressed with his screen time.

While the show’s cast was announced long before its release, it also had Gong Yoo’s name. But, when viewers watched the show, they got to see their favourite Goblin star for nearly five minutes. He did not even have a name in the show as he played the role of a sales man letting people know about the game on train stations.

Gong Yoo’s fans were enraged to see only a little bit of the actor throughout the show. A Twitter user wrote, “My girlfriend was mad at me because she thought I lied to her. I recommended Squid Game to her because she likes Gong Yoo and I told her that he’s in it. She’s mad because I didn’t tell her that he’s only a cameo in it being on screen for ±5 min,” while another penned, “can’t believe the squid game cameo is the closest thing we’ve got to see gong yoo as a villain so far (with a 20 year career) please let him play a villain already, he has the range.”

Many mentioned how they wanted to see the actor playing a full fledged villain on the show but did not get what they wanted. Now, Squid Game 2 has become the most anticipated series as the makers have announced Gong Yoo’s return to the show.

Do you think Gong Yoo will play a character in the show or it will be another cameo? Let us know in the space below.

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