Hugs Not Kisses! BTS' Jin's Free Hug Event Gets a Bit Too Friendly
Hugs Not Kisses! BTS’ Jin’s Free Hug Event Gets a Bit Too Friendly. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

BTS’ eldest member, Kim Seok-jin was discharged from his military duties on June 12. The fandom, a.k.a. ARMY, is joyful as one of the seven members of their favorite K-pop boy band returns after completing his mandatory military service, which started in December 2022. To celebrate the same, Jin held a free hug event for ARMYs on June 13. However, this special moment caused a stir on social media.

Amidst the cheerful atmosphere, several viral clips captured a surprising turn of events. With his signature smile, Kim Seok-jin warmly embraced his fans when a female fan dressed in a white outfit hugged the K-pop idol and attempted to kiss him on the neck. While Jin managed the situation gracefully, it was evident that he was taken aback and uncomfortable after such an encounter.


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In another video, a different female fan, wearing a blue top and white skirt, whispered something in Jin’s ear and made a similar attempt to kiss him. This time, he skillfully avoided the situation. These two incidents have left his fans in shock, with many expressing their disappointment and concern over such behavior.

Just a day after his discharge, Jin held a free hug event as part of FESTA 2024 to meet his fans. He wore a cardboard around his neck with “Hug me” written over it and a sketch of himself. Initially, he was shy and asked his fans to enjoy the event, but afterward, he was overjoyed. Jin even said that he wanted to conduct a similar event before he died.

He said, “I thought this would be fun, as I had planned for this event, but it was even more fun than I had thought. Are you guys having fun too? If there were more of me, I could’ve hugged more people. It’s a bit unfortunate that I could only hug 1,000 of you. But next time, If I get the chance! I’ll try my best to hold another one before I die. Now that I’ve cooled down again, shall we start again.”


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