Zac Efron, brother 'bust' grandpa out of nursing home for some fun
Zac Efron Busts His Grandfather Out Of Nursing Home! (PC: Instagram)

Actor Zac Efron and his younger brother Dylan busted their grandfather out of nursing home for some fun. Efron shared a hilarious video on Instagram on Tuesday of the incident.

In the clip, the actor tip-toes around the facility, does his best to go unnoticed as he crouches low before swiping a staff member’s ID to gain access to his grandfather’s room.

The video has the title track of Mission Impossible playing in the background of the video shared by Zac Efron.

“Let’s bust grandpa out of here,” Zac Efron said in the first few seconds of a video he posted on the photo-sharing website.

Flaunting athletic abilities, Efron does a front somersault, before excitedly reuniting with his grandfather, who was ready to go, reports

Zac Efron took his grandfather down the hall and past other residents, before they went to watch a football game at home. While returning in the car together, the actor’s grandfather enjoyed a cold fizzy drink.

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