Wonder Woman 1984: Director Patty Jenkins Removed Zack Snyder & His VFX Team?
Wonder Woman 1984: Patty Jenkins Removed Zack Snyder & His VFX Team To Create Her Version?

Gal Gadot led Wonder Woman 1984 after all the rumours and reports finally saw a theatrical release but all is not well with the film. Though a particular section of fans enjoyed the Patty Jenkins directorial, a significant chunk of them has panned the movie for not touching the standard set by the original.

Where did the team go wrong? Well, numerous reports are saying different things, but one of them states that it was the removal of Zack Snyder from the board story-writers. 2017’s Wonder Woman was backed with Zack’s inputs, but this time around Patty teamed up with Geoff Johns and Dave Callaham to pen the story.



Famous leaker and YouTuber Grace Randolph has been giving out some inside information about what actually went wrong with the process of filming Wonder Woman 1984. Now, of course, all these are just reports so take it with a grain of salt.

Randolph said, “On the first Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins was working with Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder’s people extensively, and from what I’ve heard, they didn’t always see eye to eye, but that friction, I think created a really great, really unique and very well-balanced film, you know that people really enjoyed.”

She also added, “Now on Wonder Woman 1984, even though the Snyders are still producers, Warner Bros. gave Patty Jenkins complete creative control as she’s made very clear in her interviews before the Rotten Tomatoes score had dropped. That’s another lesson to be learned here, don’t give interviews or do a victory lap before you have your final Rotten Tomatoes score, because as I am going to show you, she just made a problem for herself even worse by some of the comments she has made in the last few months.”

Randolph concluded by saying, “But she cleaned the house when she made the film to better create her vision. I’ve said, you know this movie has been coming out for two years now, I’ve made videos talking about how I felt these changes were a mistake. So two of the biggest ones that were really big mistakes was that she got rid of Zack Snyder’s stunt team and his VFX people, and she also got rid of screenwriter Allan Heinberg. Oh, that was a huge mistake. Those two things were horrible.”

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