Who Is Stephanie Matto, Who Sold Her Farts & Made Millions Out Of It?
All About Stephanie Matto – The ‘Fartrepreneur’ ( Photo Credit – Instagram/FartJarsNFT )

Stephanie Matto rose to fame after her stint in 90 Day Fiancé. The show witnessed her participate with her long-distance girlfriend Erika. The relationship may not have lasted, but the fame surely did! The Reality TV star began her business of selling her farts in a jar and made over $200K in a little span of time. Scroll below for all the details.

The ‘fartrepreneur’ as he calls herself, dictated how the entire business came into the picture. During an interview with Buzzfeed, Stephanie revealed that people would often ask her to sell her persona lingerie, hair, bathwater and other stuff. So she came up with the quirky idea of selling her farts instead.



Stephanie Matto began her fart business around December 2021. She would sell her farts in a jar to prospective buyers for up to $1000. Not only did the business give her immense limelight, she also minted a massive $200K from it. When translated to INR, that would be around 1.48 million. That is unbelievable, isn’t it? But it did happen!

While talking about her business previously, Stephanie Matto also revealed what she ate before preparing the jars for her customers. The TikTok video which went viral in no time included food ingredients like yoghurt, protein muffins and beans.

Stephanie would even add some flower petals to the jars in order to keep the smell long-lasting. That sounds gross, isn’t it? But it made her a millionaire for a reason!

Things took a toll recently when Stephanie Matto was hospitalized because she was ‘overdoing’ with her fat business. So she decided to put a stop to it before it could end up with severe health issues.

She’s, however, going digital with her fart business in a never-seen-before process!

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