SAG-AFTRA Strike: Protestors Question Ben Affleck & Other Hollywood A-listers Silence
SAG-AFTRA Strike Is Against The AI & Payment Residuals ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia; Facebook )

As a generation, we are witnessing one of the most revolutionary moments in the world of cinema, where Hollywood is almost entirely shut down making it the first time in 60 years that the industry has come to a standstill. The revolt is against the protection from AI and pay parity. While the conversation on the latter has been rampant, the former is a latest threat looming over almost every creative individual. After the writers went on a strike and have been at it since a couple of months, the actors’ union joined them as even their demands weren’t met. Turns out many supported, and some remain silent. Amid this, a banner reading, “Where The F*ck Is Ben Affleck,” is making rounds.

The world was left stunned to see a wave of actors joining the already 11,000 writers in the strike against AI as they think Artificial Intelligence will take away their jobs and payment of residuals. The buzz intensified when the cast of Christopher Nolan’s Magnum Opus Oppenheimer chose to abandon the London Premiere of the movie after only attending the red carpet to join the strike.

But while many have shown their support, the majority of the Hollywood A-Listers are yet to take any stand forget to choose a side. Amid all of this, the protestors have now started questioning the absence, and a banner reading “Where The F*ck Is Ben Affleck” is making rounds. Read on to know everything you should know about the interesting update of the day.

As per Daily Mail, a jobbing actor who chooses to stay anonymous spoke about the absence and silence of Hollywood Top stars including Ben Affleck. He said, “People like Clooney and others pay lip service to the strike. But when it comes to walking the pavement outside a studio, where are they? They are sitting in their air-conditioned mansions.”

The woman who chose to write Ben Affleck’s name on the banner and not any other A-lister said, “He should be here. They all should.” Another talking about how Meghan Markle, who was also a member of the SAG-AFTRA, should support them said, “It sure would give people a huge boost if she would show up. This is a fight for our survival and the eyes of the world are on us.”

He then went on to call out stars who stay blocks away but aren’t with them. “It’s a shame that actors who have made millions from this business are not using their fame in a positive way. Jennifer Aniston lives less than five miles away from Netflix’s HQ and Brad Pitt has a place close by. Where are they?”

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