When Winona Ryder Was Accused By Neighbour Jennifer Grey For “Banging Her Ex” Johnny Depp
When Winona Ryder Was Accused By Neighbour Jennifer Grey For “Banging Her Ex” Johnny Depp ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

Johnny Depp is among the biggest actors in all of Hollywood. Apart from his hit movies and film franchises, the actor’s love life has been grabbing headlines ever since he found fame. Amid his several public relationships, the brief one with Winona Ryder still lives in many of his fans’ hearts. But, today we are talking about the time when Johnny moved on from his ex-fiance Jennifer Grey with Winona when the two actresses were neighbours. Grey once revealed how she felt about the couple’s romance and Depp dating her neighbour.

Depp and Grey went out in the late 80s. It was the time when Grey’s hit film Dirty Dancing had just come out and the 21 Jump Street star reportedly has a massive crush on her.

After Jennifer Grey broke her engagement with Matthew Broderick, Depp was the first guy she went out it. She had revealed how they were attracted to each other and shared details about their s*x life in various interviews. The duo got engaged within a few weeks of their first date. But, their engagement did not last any longer than nine months as Grey broke up with Depp by leaving him a note.

Depp soon moved on with Winona Ryder and their highly publicised romance and later engagement was not hidden from Grey. In her memoir, Out Of The Corner Jennifer Grey, the actress mentioned how leaving the Edward Scissorhands star was a part of a “self-imposed streak of impulsive, destructive decision-making.”

As per Showbiz CheatSheet, Talking about how Depp moved on with the Stranger Things star, who was her neighbour at that time, Grey wrote, “That is until I learned that my darling neighbor was banging my ex,… The classic nightmare of feeling replaced, like you’d never happened, but on steroids.” She calledhow Depp and Ryder’s romance was “bizarre, virtually seamless changing of the guards,” and added how she had “the added fun of the blow-by-blow press coverage of what would become one of the most beloved celebrity couplings of the nineties.”

Grey even mentioned how she felt her nine-month romance with Depp, that she spent wearing his motorcycle jacket, has been “nullified.”

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder’s engagement did not last long and the former moved on with Kate Moss. He then dated Vanessa Paradis for over a decade and later tied the knot with Amber Heard in 2015. The two have split up since 2016 and their divorce finalised the next year.

Meanwhile, what are your views on Jennifer Grey accusing Depp of replacing her with Ryder despite the fact that she was the one who ended their engagement.

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