Tom Cruise Had A Major Disagreement Over Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Paty One, Reveals Paramount CEO
Tom Cruise Had A Major Disagreement With Paramount Over Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One & Two ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Tom Cruise has always stayed constant at the box office with his powerful movies. Moreover, the ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise has always brought in money regardless of the situation. Once again, the highly-anticipated sequel ‘Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One’ did great, and to share some good news, part two is already in the works. However, it is now clear that both parts were in jeopardy over a disagreement Cruise had with Paramount Studios.

Paramount CEO Brian Robbins got candid in his recent interview and explained that there was a major disagreement between the studio and Cruise over the second part. However, it all happened while they were working on the first part itself. Let’s take a look at what he revealed.

Brian Robbins recalls the disagreement Paramount and Tom Cruise had in the early stages of Dead Reckoning Part One. He tells Variety, “Let’s just say that the studio and the production and Tom were in a disagreement over direction, and there was a stalemate going on. We had to hit the pause button. They were stuck on how they were going to move forward with ‘Dead Reckoning Part Two’ while finishing ‘Part One.’ It was a production issue, and it was about the scope of what was being asked for. And the question we needed to ask was do we need this and why? And then how big is it going to be, and how long is that going to take?”

Dead Reckoning Part One is the seventh installment in the franchise and it brought back Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt going on crazy missions. However, the budget really increased due to the pandemic and the second part of Dead Reckoning eventually became a problem. But Cruise was in no mood of settling and wanted to go all out. Times were tough as the crew and cast were all shut down together and we all remember the infamous leaked audio where Cruise was heard aggressively yelling at the crew for not following COVID-19 protocols.

Overall, Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part Two also can’t escape the fire due to the SAF-AFTRA strike. What do you think about the disagreement Tom Cruise had with Paramount? Let us know and stay tuned for more at KoiMoi!

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