When The Russo Brothers Were Lost With Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda aka Scarlet Witch Character In The MCU
MCU’s ‘Wanda’ Elizabeth Olsen Once Revealed That The Russo Brothers Didn’t Know What To Do With Her Scarlet Witch Because Of Her Overwhelming Power (Picture Credit: Instagram & IMDB)

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the fan favourite Marvel characters, and it has been possible because of her amazing acting chops. The actress once revealed the director duo Joseph and Anthony Russo had a difficult time dealing with her superhero persona. Her character is really powerful in the comics and it could be overwhelming to portray it on screen. Here’s what Olsen once revealed about the Russo brothers’ struggle with Wanda.

Olsen’s Scarlet Witch got the chance to showcase her powers in Doctor Strange 2, and in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame as well, we saw her go head to head with Thanos. For the unversed, she has the power to alter reality, as we saw in the web series Wanda Vision; it could be said that with time Marvel started to figure her out and her immense potential as one of the most powerful beings in the MCU.

Elizabeth Olsen once in an interview with Birth.Movies.Death, shared how the MCU director duo, the Russo Brothers, felt lost with her Scarlet Witch. She said, “They were like, ‘She can do anything. If someone is fighting, she can end it quickly. I don’t know what to do!'” She also added that with time the director duo explored her superhero persona and figured it out along the way. Olsen said, “Now they, I think, are a little more comfortable in how to write her. It’s like they figured her out during filming.”

Elizabeth Olsen also revealed that she gave her own input when it came to Wanda, aka Scarlett WItch’s movements while working with the Russo Brothers, provided they guided her throughout. She even shared that Joss Whedon, who directed Avengers: Age of Ultron, did a comparatively better job at handling Scarlet Witch, given Wanda was introduced in that film. She said, “Joss had actual movements in his brain, and that’s how the movements started. We would try and hit these marks that Joss, literally in front of us did. He also has these funny knees and wrists and hands, and my choreographer Jenny and I were like, ‘Man, he really worked hard on this.”

She added, “Joss really loved her a lot. So he really had a huge say in how she talked, how she looked, how she moved, what drove her. It was very tangible in Ultron, but now it’s become about her stepping into her role and her powers.” While in case of the Russo Brothers, Olsen would have to be involved in the process more, and they would tell her, “‘She needs to launch Cap,’ we think ‘That’s not fun to look at, is it?’ So we figure out what’s more interesting. That’s ownership I love. Some people might think it’s random, but it’s not – it’s very intentional.”

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