A Question On Tom Cruise’s Gay Rumours Once Left His Former Co-Star Colin Farrell Stunned But He Handled It Like A Pro
A Question On Tom Cruise’s Gay Rumours Once Left His Former Co-Star Colin Farrell Stunned But He Handled It Like A Pro (Photo Credit: Wikimedia)

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood but apart from his work, his personal life has also been a permanent target of the media. There have been rumours earlier of how Cruise is gay despite him dating multiple women and having kids. His former co-star Colin Farrell was once asked in an interview whether Tom Cruise is gay or straight which left him baffled. However, Farrell is one of the very few celebrities who prefer giving honest and straight answers during interviews- a quality which very few actors possess. Scroll down to know what did Farrell say.

Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell together worked in the 2002 movie Minority Report- probably the reason he was asked the question around the same time. On the work front, Colin Farrell recently won accolades for his award-winning flick, The Banshees of Inisherin.

Circling back to Colin Farrell, a Reddit post shared how the actor dealt with a question when asked if Tom Cruise was gay or straight. The actor replied, “He is straight. No one has a perfect gay-dar. But I have a pretty good one.” Farrell continued, “I have met gay guys who are more butch than him. I definitely think he is straight. You are the first one to ask me which I am not surprised by but why would you ask me that question? But, yes, he is definitely straight.” Tom Cruise too earlier, subtly addressed the questions over his s*xuality where he said that he has no idea why people always made assumptions.

Take a look:

Throwback to when Colin Farrell got asked whether Tom Cruise is gay or straight 💀
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Social media users were quick to comment on Colin Farrell calmly addressing Tom Cruise’s s*xuality. One user said, “That’s nice of him to give an honest answer but don’t usually actors get offended by questions like this? Colin went into a monologue like he wrote an essay on this for his senior project.”

Another shared, “Def not sober,” as one added, “Interviews back in the day were wild.” One person shared, “Everyone was so f**king mean. What a weird time.” And, an individual stated, “I love Colin Farrell. he seems like such a nice guy – he’s not quite at keanu reeves level, but he’s close. watch all these scandals erupt now, and i’ll be forced to backtrack. Lol.”

A user said, “I think it’s so funny that he not only entertained this question but gave a detailed answer lmaoooo.” And, another shared, “In 2002 they would just ask celebs anything, really, it was messy.”

One person commented, “idk what is the best part of this video: him not being surprised by the question and answering directly; him saying GA- straigh; or the ‘no one has a perfect gaydar (hand signs) but i have a pretty good one’.lol”

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