When Taylor Swift Got Insulted By Diplo Who Had A Fundraiser For The Popstar's Bo*ty, Her BFF Lorde Hit Back "Should We Do Something About Your Tiny P*nis"
When Taylor Swift Got Was Slim-Shamed By Diplo & Even Had A Fundraiser For The Popstar, Her BFF Lorde Hit Back, “Should We Do Something About Your Tiny P*nis” ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Facebook )

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is one of the most popular pop stars in the Music Industry. Often her songs are about her ex-boyfriends, albeit indirectly, and some of which she holds a special grudge against. But ex-boyfriends aren’t the only ones on Swift’s feud list. In fact, Diplo once insulted her on a public platform.

Back in 2014, the American DJ and music producer decided not enough people were paying attention to him on Twitter. So began to target the pop star on the microblogging platform but little did he know that her bestie Lorde will put him in place. Scroll down to know more.

Diplo took to Twitter and wrote, “Someone should make a Kickstarter to get Taylor Swift a b*oty”, soon after a netizen tweeted, “I started a petition on http://whitehouse.gov to include it on the federal budget,” which the Major Lazor singer retweeted.

He also shared a link to a crowdfunding site for the cause and then decided to start insulting Swift’s fans, which has never once gone well for anyone. He wrote, “are taylor swift fans called the swift boat veterans?”

It is worth pointing out that at that time Diplo and Katy Perry were dating on and off for most of 2014. Perry and Taylor have well-reported issues (a.k.a “Bad Blood”) with one another. While ‘Anti-Hero’ singer did not respond at all among the mounting tweets and retweets on American DJ’s account, Swift’s bestie Lorde decided to take matters into her own hands.

The New Zealand singer-songwriter hit back at him with a savage response, “@diplo should we do something about your tiny p*nis while we’re at it hm,” in a now-deleted tweet.

Well, what friends are for? The defense rests. However, years later Diplo addressed the controversial tweet targeting Taylor Swift. He said to Inverse, “When I first started using social media, it was a big joke for me. On Twitter, I was an unabashedly crazy person. And I didn’t realize that there was power in those words.”

“People hold you accountable for your Twitter in such a strange way. It’s not real life,” he said. “Sarcasm doesn’t come through on social media.” Although Diplo never deleted or apologized for the tweet, he did say that making fun of other artists online “really came back to hurt me in the end.”

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