When Sandra Bullock Complained About Ben Affleck's Bad Breath
Sandra Bullock Once Reportedly Complained About Ben Affleck’s Bad Breath ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Actors and actresses have to deal with a lot of things to do in a movie, and being intimate with one another is one of them, but it sometimes becomes a peril if one suffers from bad breath. Sandra Bullock once had to go through the same ordeal while locking lips with Ben Affleck. Today we brought you a throwback of the same when the Speed actress complained about a stinky Affleck; scroll below to get the deets.

Sandra and Ben worked together in the film Forces of Nature in 1999, a romantic comedy, but it turned out to be an embarrassing situation for the Oscar-winning actor. For the unversed, Ben is a chain smoker, and it comes with several side effects that really irk people around them, especially their partners.

Ben Affleck’s smoking meme has been all over the internet since the picture came out, and this heavy smoking of the Batman actor allegedly landed him in a humiliating situation when Sandra Bullock handed him a remedy for his bad breath. As per Telegraph, Bullock confided to one of her close friends and reportedly said, “Sandra Bullock recently complained that her co-star Ben Affleck had smelly breath.”

Not just that, Sandra Bullock, who had to do kissing scenes with Ben Affleck in the film Forces of Nature, tired of the bad breath, allegedly gifted Ben a box of mints during the shoot. As per reports, not just Sandra but several other actresses have complained about his bad breath over the years. Even his wife, Jennifer Lopez, was not impressed by his smoking habits and nagged him to quit, which apparently put more pressure on him and look for alternatives.

As per Guardian, a source close to the couple, said, “Jen says it bothers her to look at Ben and see that he’s constantly chewing gum.” Ben Affleck probably dealt with this little issue since it does not paint a good picture for the actor, definitely after Sandra Bullock’s little gift!

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