When ‘Hawkeye’ Jeremy Renner Came To ‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey Jr’s Rescue To Teach His Then 3-Year-Old Son A Lesson
When ‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey Jr Received Help From ‘Hawkeye’ Jeremy Renner To Teach His Son A Lesson(Pic Credit: Movie Still)

After spending years together as superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), each of Earth’s mightiest heroes shares a strong bond. In fact, the heroes’ children have their favourite Avengers and mostly, it’s not their own parents. Like ‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey Jr’s son Exton.

RDJ’s son may be Iron Man’s son but his favourite Avenger or the MCU superhero he adores the most is Clint Barton aka Hawkeye played by Jeremy Renner. In today’s throwback piece, we tell you of the time the archer came to the billionaire genius’ aid in teaching his then 3-year-old son a lesson

As per a People report in October 2014, Robert Downey Jr told the host of Late Night with Seth Meyers that his son, Exton, is a huge Hawkeye fan. He recalled once how his then 3-year-old son didn’t want to listen to his famous father, so the actor called his fellow Avenger Jeremy Renner aka Clint Barton to have an educational chat with Exton.

As per the report, Robert Downey Jr while talking to the host about asking ‘Hawkeye’ Jeremy Renner for help said, “And Jeremy said, ‘Listen, this is Hawkeye talking. You can’t put a stick in your eye because then you won’t be able to use the bow and arrow at 300 yards, and take out the bad guy.” Continuing further on Hawkeye’s educational chat with his son Exton, RDJ added, “And that was about the only thing he’s listened to since.”

Wasn’t it super sweet of ‘Hawkeye’ Jeremy Renner to come to the aid of ‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey Jr. For those wondering who is the other Avenger children’s favourite superheroes are, ‘Thor’ Chris Hemsworth’s son like DC’s Wonder Woman, ‘Vision’ Paul Battany’s daughter likes Iron Man and ‘Starlord’ Chris Pratt’s son likes Captain America?

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