When Liam Payne & Jason Derulo Engaged In A Savage Rap Battle, Taking Shots At Each Other's Mothers- Watch
When Liam Payne & Jason Derulo Engaged In A Savage Rap Battle, Taking Shots At Each Other’s Mothers, Their Girlfriends- Watch(Pic Credit: Instagram/liampayne, jasonderulo)

English singer and songwriter Liam Payne is a well-known member of the boy band One Direction. He is known for being the principal songwriter in the band and is credited for co-writing more than half of their songs. He once also engaged in a rap battle with Jason Derulo.

Back in 2017, the English singer appeared on the new TV’s version of James Corden’s Late Late Show “Drop the Mic” segment and it was a million times more savage. Usually, amiable pop stars went straight for the jugular, taking shots at each other’s music, their moms, and their baes.

The sketch was with Jason Derulo and the competition was NO HOLDS BARRED. Jason began by saying, “Look, everybody! It’s the guy from 1D / Not the pretty one, not the gritty one — it’s the one you never see.”

Derulo then took dig at Liam Payne’s looks and rapped, “I told I was spitting the hottest Liam on Earth / So I’m still wondering where the hell is Liam Hemsworth?” Not just that his then-girlfriend Cheryl was also brought in the rap.

Jason Derulo rapped, “You bone an X Factor judge / Your success is no riddle/ Congrats Liam, you slept your way to the middle. Your sons name is Bear Payne / Yeah, thats cool / I’m sure that’ll go well with the kids in high school.” The “Get Ugly” singer then came back at him and rapped, “I hoped I would battle somebody with fame / Not Jason-Der-no-one-knows-your-name / I heard your first song “Whatcha Say” / Tryna be the Weeknd, you’re more like a week day.”

Liam Payne also addressed dig taken at Cheryl and said, “Yes my girlfriend is older / You ain’t wrong / Older women love me, especially your mom.” He then added, “Making fun of One Direction / Jason that’s lazy/ I got that 1D that make all the ladies crazy.”

Take a look at the rap battle below:

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