When Mark Ruffalo Scared His Daughter's Preschool Friend By Acting Of Turning Into The Hulk, Netizens Say "No One Will Bully Your Daughter" - See Video
When Mark Ruffalo Scared His Daughter’s Preschool Friend By Acting Of Turning Into The Hulk, Netizens Say “No One Will Bully Your Daughter” – Watch ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia ; Movie Still )

Mark Ruffalo who plays Hulk in Avengers happens to be one of the most popular superheroes across the world. Not just that, he’s a brilliant actor and has been a part of the entertainment industry for over two decades and has done some incredible work and played characters that we’ll all remember for a lifetime. Today, we bring you a throwback to the time when Mark went to the preschool with his daughter and scared her friend by acting of turning into Hulk. Netizens are now reacting to this viral video, take a look at some of the hilarious reactions below.

It was in November 2014 that Mark appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and revealed this incident about his daughter’s preschool. The way he narrated the story was just too cute and too good to miss out on!



Mark Ruffalo tells Jimmy Fallon, “My daughter who is in preschool, has a little period of time where the parents come and they hang out with the kid in the morning and this was last year and this little boy Nicolas sat across the table from her and I was colouring with her and doing the things you do with the preschool child.”

Mark Ruffalo further said, “He looked up at me and ‘Are you the Hulk?’ and I was like umm… My daughter is like, yeah ‘he’s the Hulk’.”

The Avengers actor further narrated, “And he said, ‘Can you turn into the Hulk?’ and I was like… and she’s like ‘Do it, daddy. Do it.’ So I went (as he imitates his character on the screen) and he went, ‘No. No. No. No. No.’ He ran,” as he burst into laughter.

Watch the video below:

Reacting to Mark Ruffalo’s video, a user on Instagram commented, “This is priceless!!”

Another user commented, “No one will bully your Daughter !”

A third user commented, “🔥❤️ best Actor As a Hulk 😎”

What are your thoughts on Mark’s story from his daughter’s preschool? Tell us in the comments below.

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