Johnny Depp Held A Police Officer's Wrist In A Scene Who Was Pointing His Gun At A 9-Year-Old Girl For Bringing Real Tears & Slammed Director's Strategy
Johnny Depp Once Held A Police Officer’s Wrist In A Scene Who Was Pointing His Gun At A 9-Year-Old Girl (Photo Credit: Instagram)

There is a lot that goes into directing an Oscar-worthy movie, as anyone would agree. One such director who violated his boundaries to bring his vision to life was Oliver Stone while he was working on the 1987 movie ‘Platoon’ which eventually won Best Picture at the 59th Academy Awards. Based on the real-life Vietnam wars, the movie is as intense as possible. The movie also stars Johnny Depp. In one incident, Stone went too deep into the moment and Depp had to take care of the escalating situation.

While filming Platoon, Stone wanted to showcase the horrors the innocent inhabitants of Vietnamese villagers went through. For that, they hired a young actress. As a child, the young talent was not able to deliver to Stone’s expectation, but the director just wasn’t having it ad he started yelling at the girl. The whole incident was noticed by Depp, and a Philippine Constabulary Police member.

Johnny Depp recalls the intense moment, as explained by Far Out. In the documentary titled ‘Platoon: Brothers in Arms’, The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star explains, “She couldn’t have been more than nine. Oliver’s strategy of bringing real tears to the little girl’s face was a bit much. He raised his voice, and it went on for far longer than it needed to. These people aren’t actors.” He then explains that the police member “reached in for his weapon, it was coming out, and, it was moving forward, and I went ‘F*ck,’ and I put my arms round his wrist.” If it wasn’t for Depp, who knows what would have happened that day as Oliver Stone went all out just to get the perfect shot.

All this aside, Oliver Stone explained his motivation behind the movie. He told Deadline, “I really thought I needed to see what the world was really, really, really like. I’d seen enough of it in Vietnam [while teaching in Saigon], because the war was starting up then. But I didn’t see the real jungle. So I said, ‘I’m not going to shoot myself, I’m not going to put a bullet in my head, no. But I am going to take this risk, and I’m going to go out there and see what happens, and if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.’ I did have that fatalism about it, you know? Also, I was a good Christian at that point, too, in the sense it was up to God. I don’t know that I could say that now, but [back then it was] roll the dice.”

What do you think about this over-the-top measure taken by Oliver Stone and Johnny Depp’s way of handling the situation?

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