Daniel Radcliffe Was Once Hilariously Pranked By Michael Gambon & Alan Rickman With A Fart Machine In His Sleeping Bag
Daniel Radcliffe Was Once Hilariously Pranked By Michael Gambon & Alan Rickman With A Fart Machine In His Sleeping Bag (Picture Credit: IMDB)

The star cast of Harry Potter movies bonded like a family so much so that they did not hesitate to pull pranks on each other. One such incident happened when Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman pulled a hilarious prank on Daniel Radcliffe during the shoot of one of the eight Harry Potter flicks. Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson recalled this prank during the DVD extras of the film. Scroll down to know the details.

Michael Gambon, who played the role of Professor Albus Dumbledore in six of the eight Harry Potter movies, died at the age of 82 after suffering from pneumonia. The news of his death was announced on September 28.

Circling back to Daniel Radcliffe getting pranked by Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman, according to India Today, the former shared the story with co-stars Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, saying, “There was one time where, in this room actually, Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman, and I think [director Alfonso Cuaron] was co-ordinating it, took the opportunity to play a practical joke on me.” Watson in the DVD extras said that the prank was “really, really funny.” Cuaron also chimes in revealing, “It was very good because it was a bunch of sleeping bags and Dan [asked] us to have his sleeping bag next to this particular girl that he fancied.”

Take a look:

The DVD extras then showed a scene where Dumbledore played Michael Gambon and Snape played by Alan Rickman can be seen reciting lines from their script as the young actors including Radcliffe pretended to be asleep. A fart sound is then heard in the hall interrupting the scene along with more sound effects.

Daniel Radcliffe then tells his co-stars, “We’d just finished a take, it’s taken ages to get it. They had put a fart machine into my sleeping bag, and Michael Gambon had actually been pressing it during the take, I found out.”

Emma Watson then adds, “This hall echoed.” The footage from the prank then cuts to the scene where the child actors burst into laughter.

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