When Dwayne Johnson Had To Use A Fake Beard Made Out Of Yak's Pubic Hair In Hercules; Read On
When Dwayne Johnson Had To Use A Fake Beard Made Out Of Yak’s Pubic Hair In Hercules(Photo Credit –Instagram/Poster From Hercules)

Dwayne Johnson is one of those stars who is the most popular amongst Gen-Z as well as the Millennials. While Gen-Z remembers him as wrestler The Rock, Millennials know him as an action star who was seen in action-packed films like Fast & Furious, the Jumanji series, and DC superhero Black Adam.

Dwayne began his acting career with The Scorpion King which grossed millions of dollars at the box office. The Bhrama Bull also starred in the 2014 film Hercules wherein he even sported a beard made of pubic hair. Scroll down to know more.



Dwayne Johnson appeared in one of the old interviews on Conan on TBS, wherein he was asked by the host why Johnson’s facial hair looked different in Hercules from his real-life one. The Hobbs and Shaw actor then revealed the embarrassing tale on the show.

The Rock said that he was working with Oscar-Nominated make-up artists, who for the sake of making it as genuine as possible, didn’t tell him that they were using pubic hair from a yak to make his fake beard. “I had a great make-up artist, his name his Mateo, and I said ‘Mateo, well what is this?’ He said ‘Oh, its Yak hair, its Yak hair.’ I said ‘Oh, I am curious, which part of the Yak?’ He said ‘The b*lls’ I said ‘Why the b*lls?’ He said ‘Its soft, lays on your face’ So the commitment for you people is Yak’s b*lls hair,” said the former wrestler.

After the underwhelming box office performance of Dwayne Johnson‘s highly anticipated DC film Black Adam, CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran decided to give the franchise and the superhero a backseat in their upcoming DCU plan, which means he still has a chance to return as the anti-hero in the new era of DC Films, just not anytime soon. Meanwhile, the actor has decided to put everything he has into his upcoming Christmas special Red One, which he will co-star in with Chris Evans.

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