Brad Pitt Once Crashed At His Friend’s Place After His Split From Angelina Jolie Witnessing The Lowest Phase Of His Life
Brad Pitt Once Crashed At His Friend’s Place After His Split From Angelina Jolie Witnessing The Lowest Phase Of His Life ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia ; IMDb )

Brad Pitt’s divorce with Angelina Jolie hit him real hard so much so that he was sleeping at a friend’s floor and in one of his interviews, he also admitted to getting drowned in alcohol to deal with the lowest phase of his life. Pitt earlier also spoke about feeling paranoid and creating weird scenarios in his mind. Scroll down to know the details.

Brad Pitt dated Angelina Jolie for good 12 years before tying the knot in 2014. However, their marriage lasted only for two years and the two Hollywood biggies headed in different directions in 2016. Pitt and Jolie share six kids together.

Speaking of Brad Pitt dealing with his split with Angelina Jolie, according to Animated Times, the actor revealed how filmmaker David Fincher helped him during the lowest phase of his life. In 2017, Pitt shared, “It was too sad to be here at first, so I went and stayed on a friend’s floor, a little bungalow in Santa Monica. I crashed over here a little bit, my friend [David] Fincher lives right here.” The actor continued, “He’s always going to have an open door for me, and I was doing a lot of stuff on the Westside, so I stayed at my friend’s house on the floor for a month and a half until I was out there one morning, 5:30, and this surveillance van pulls up.”

The Bullet Train star also spoke about feeling paranoid adding, “They don’t know that I’m up behind a wall, and they pull up and it’s a long story but it was something more than TMZ because they got into my friend’s computer.”

Pitt further stated, “The stuff they can do these days… So I got a little paranoid being there. I decided I had to pick up and come here.”

The Oscar-winning star then mentioned how he was creating scenarios in his mind when he was not busy working. “I think everyone’s creative in some way. If I’m not creating something, doing something, putting it out there, then I’ll just be creating scenarios of fiery demise in my mind.”

Brad Pitt added, “You know, a horrible end. And so I’ve been going to a friend’s sculpting studio, spending a lot of time over there. My friend [Thomas Houseago] is a serious sculptor. They’ve been kind. I’ve literally been squatting in there for a month now. I’m taking a s**t on their sanctity.”

For the unversed, Brad Pitt and David Fincher together worked in acclaimed movies like Seven, Fight Club, and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

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