When Dakota Johnson Revealed Of Simulating S*x For 7-8 Hours For Fifty Shades Darker - PAST TENSE(D)
When Dakota Johnson Revealed Of Simulating S*x For 7-8 Hours For Fifty Shades Darker – PAST TENSE(D) (Photo Credit: Getty Images & IMDb)

Dakota Johnson is an ace actress and there’s no single doubt about it. Her rise and shine in Hollywood arrived with Fifty Shades Of Grey. While the actress was massively praised for her portrayal, there have been critics too. Albeit, there was a time when Dakota opened up on the downside. She revealed how there were days when she kept simulating s*x for 7-8 hours and it was super tiring.

Fifty Shades first released in 2015. The movie directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson is based on the EL James’ 2011 novel by the same name. It starred Jamie Dornan as the male lead and grabbed a whopping $570 million worldwide.

The massive success led to the sequel, Fifty Shades Darker. Expectations were sky-high this time. As Dakota Johnson, as well as Jamie Dornan, knew it as well. In a 2017 interview, the on-screen Anastasia Steele opened up about the difficulties behind the scene.

In an interview with Mirror.co.uk, Dakota Johnson spoke about getting back to the s*x scenes in Fifty Shades Darker. “It’s always a bit daunting at first. It takes hours and you really have to dissect it and break it down into bits. Then it just becomes work and you’re not really thinking about what’s going on,” she began.

The actress did confess that the s*x scenes are tedious and not so comfortable. Dakota shared, “It’s not real! Every time is different, but there’s a lot of s*x scenes in this film, so you kind of just get down to business. On occasions, I’d been simulating s*x for seven hours straight, so I’m over it. It’s not… comfortable. It’s tedious.”

But did it all make Dakota Johnson confident about her body? “I don’t know. I was brought up to respect myself and be comfortable and confident. I always admired that in other women, I always was attracted to those who were not ever worrying about what other people think. I was also brought up in an environment where it’s more important to be interesting than pretty,” concluded the beauty.

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