Dakota Johnson Once Said That Whatever She Said Was Turned S*xual
Throwback To When Dakota Johnson’s Every Word Was Made S*xual Owing To Her Role In The Fifty Shades Franchise ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Dakota Johnson’s Fifty Shades movie series is engraved in everyone’s mind. The erotic film series did shot Dakota to fame but it made her life somewhat a bit miserable as well. The actress once shared how her role as Anastasia Steele affected her interactions with fans, that everything she said turned s*xual. She and Jamie Dornan have portrayed some of the raunchiest scenes in the history of films. Keep scrolling to know when she shared that her interviews were even more uncomfortable.

The Fifty Shades trilogy is based on the works of English author EL James. The first movie in the franchise came out in 2015. The book is said to be quite empowering for women as they got the chance to explore s*xuality.

Back in 2017, speaking to Seth Meyers on his Late Night show, Dakota Johnson had shared how her role as Anastasia Steele impacted her interviews and made them awkward. She said, “It’s a disaster, it is truly, categorically impossible for me to get it right [even] when I’m not wildly taken out of context.”

Sharing one incident, The Fifty Shades Of Grey actress said, “The other day, I had someone ask me what my favourite s*x toy was, which is like…inappropriate. I was like, ‘That’s an inappropriate question.’…I can’t answer in the right way. I said, ‘I don’t have one. Let’s move on.’ But then the headline was like: ‘She Doesn’t Have One Favorite s*x Toy.’ I can’t win! I either hate s*x toys—so why am I doing this movie?—or I love them and I’m a s*x fiend.”

Dakota and the host even made a bit of fun of her misery as he asked about the masks they wore in Fifty Shades Darker, whether she liked them or not. Johnson answered, “If I answer this question, they’ll be like, ‘She Loves Masks.'” Followed by Meyers predicting the headline he would see the next day, “Dakota Johnson Has a Favorite Mask—You Won’t Believe What It Is!” Dakota wondered, “If I were playing a dental hygienist, would the questions be like, ‘Do you love teeth? Do you love people’s mouths?”

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