Christopher Once Called His Inception Star Leonardo DiCaprio Demanding - Here's What Happened Next!
Christopher Once Called His Inception Star Leonardo DiCaprio Demanding(Photo Credit –IMDb)

Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio are two of the most successful personalities in their fields of work. They think about when these two forces came together to give the world a mind-blowing movie like Inception. It featured a unique storyline where a thief invades the targets’ dreams to steal important information. Nolan might have got one of his highest-grossing films, but his experience working with Leo was a bit jarring, although the filmmaker once revealed that it brought out the best in him.

Nolan gave the world another piece of art with his Oppenheimer, which is currently on a winning spree. It has secured multiple Golden Globes, including Best Director. The celebrated filmmaker also won the Critics Choice Award as well. The Cillian Murphy-led movie has received thirteen nominations at the 2024 BAFTA Awards, and then all eyes will be on the Oscars nominations and how many awards the movie gets.

Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Inception came out in 2010 and made $839.03 million worldwide. The movie is reportedly Leo’s second highest-grossing film after Titanic. It was also one of the top grossers of 2010. It was made on a budget of $160 million, and it earned returns of 424.37%. Leo is known for giving insights into projects, and his strict work ethics help create some fantastic films. The Oscar-winning actor did the same while working with Nolan, and the director called him taxing.

In an interview with NDTV, Christopher Nolan opened up about his experience working with Leonardo DiCaprio. He said, “He is extremely demanding, which actually helped me work out in Inception wherein there is emotional importance in the story.” He told Collider, “The truthfulness of what he talks about the underlying truths of the character-emotional truths. The journey that character is on, and so we spent months talking about the script and re-writing the script.”

The Inception director added, “I spent a long time re-writing the script to make sure that the emotional journey of his character was the… that’s the driving force of the movie.” It was a tricky subject to pull off, but Nolan did it perfectly and with great help from his actors, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Elliot Page, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, and others.

On the other hand, Leo was confident about Christopher Nolan and said that it is what the Oppenheimer director does best, i.e., complex subjects.

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