Christian Bale Once Revealed Getting Lesser Salary Than Makeup Artists For American Psycho
When Makeup Artists Mocked Christian Bale For His Low Salary In American Psycho (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Christian Bale is known for his method of acting and is one of the finest actors of this era. He has given many fantastic performances throughout his career, and some of his movies or nuances have found their places in pop culture. For example, his character Patrick Bateman in the 2000 horror crime American Psycho is still seen in several social media memes and GIFs. It is one of the British actor’s most notable performances, but the paycheck he received for it was the bare minimum.

Bale has always been known for his acting chops, and his collaboration with directors like Christopher Nolan led to some blockbuster movies that were both critically and commercially successful. Christian as Batman in Nolan’s Dark Knight franchise is still a benchmark to many fans. He is completely immersed in a role and stays committed till the end. Keep scrolling for more.

When American Psycho was being made, the Lionsgate studio wanted a famous actor, someone like Leonardo DiCaprio, in the lead. Leo was already a star owing to the success of Titanic. However, director Mary Harron wanted Bale to be the lead of her movie. A few years ago, Christian Bale reflected on his salary in the crime drama and recalled how some crew members would mock his low paycheck, but he endured it all and wanted to be a part of this film. It is now a cult classic.

Christian Bale told GQ, “They had paid me the absolute minimum they were legally allowed to pay me. And I had a house that I was sharing with my dad and my sister, and that was getting repossessed.” After American Psycho was done, the first thought that occurred to Bale was to get a bit of money.

He then revealed, “But I remember one time sitting in the make-up trailer, and the make-up artists were laughing at me because I was getting paid less than any of them.” Bale never backed out of doing minor roles and left his impact, for example, The Machinist. He is an inspiration for all that hard work will always bring you success. He made millions from his Batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan, and around $50 million came from his role as Bruce Wayne.

In 2022, Christian Bale became part of the MCU and appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder. He made an estimated $10 million from it. The Marvel movie earned $761.48 million worldwide.

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