Everything about Taylor Swift's concert in Melbourne.
Here’s all you need to know about Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour in Melbourne, Australia. (Picture Credit: IMDb)

It is time for Swifties to go all frenzy, as Taylor Swift is all set to resume The Eras Tour. So far, the talented singer has toured in regions like Lisbon, Marina Bay Sands, California, Arizona, and others.

2024 is the year all the Australian Swifties will get to experience musical heaven on earth with Taylor’s upcoming tour in Melbourne. As per the reports, Taylor is resuming her world tour after she’s done cheering her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, at Super Bowl 2024. The NFL’s championship game is happening on February 11, 2024.

If you are a huge Taylor Swift fan and want to know where the tour is happening, for how many days, the dates, and where to find the tickets, we have it all covered.

All About Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour Concert in Melbourne

Concert Dates

The concert is happening in February, after Valentine’s Day 2024. The dates are February 16 (Friday), February 17 (Saturday), and February 18 (Sunday). Taylor will first perform in Tokyo, Japan, from February 7–10 and then head to Melbourne for her following shows.

Concert Venue

Taylor’s The Eras Tour in Australia will happen at the Melbourne Cricket Ground Dome. It’s a large space that can reportedly occupy over 100,000 people! Just imagine how crazy the evenings and nights would be with so many Swifties singing along with the singer. The internet is definitely going to fall all over in love with the singer and her live performance videos again.

Where can you buy Taylor Swift’s Melbourne concert tickets?

You can book the tickets on StubHub, where they’ve mentioned the dates, prices, and venue capacity. You will also find how many tickets are remaining for each date, and the numbers so far are less than 400. So if you want to be a part of the mystical musical night too, you shouldn’t wait any longer and get your hands on those tickets now.

What’s for Taylor after the Melbourne concert?

After Tokyo and Melbourne, Taylor has 22 concerts until August 2024. After Melbourne, the Lover singer will also perform in Sydney from February 23 to 26, 2024.

So, are you planning to be a part of Taylor’s big musical night in Melbourne?

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