Kanye West AWOL On A Reporter For Asking Him About Bianca Censori's Free Will
Kanye West AWOL On A Reporter For Asking Him About Bianca Censori’s Free Will(Photo Credit –YouTube/Instagram)

Kanye West has a love-hate relationship with the paparazzi and often gets into a feud with them. West has been accused of controlling his wife Bianca Censori, and recently, a reporter asked Ye while he was out to get to an event in Los Angeles. He ranted about it, and the video has spread like wildfire on social media. Keep scrolling for more.

Recently, a source revealed that the Donda rapper banned Bianca from using social media to shield her against all the negativity. But her friends and family have been worried about her ever since they got married and claimed Ye to be manipulating her and keeping her away from her loved ones. Reports about Ye turning Bianca into a second Kim Kardashian have been all over the tabloids. Kanye allegedly controls her dressing style, and while he has forbidden her to use social media, Ye posts near-n*de pictures of her on his handles.

A TMZ reporter caught the rapper on his way to Charlie Wilson’s Walk of Fame ceremony on Hollywood Blvd in LA and asked about Kanye West controlling Bianca Censori. The video has been all over X and on Reddit as well. The female reporter asked him, “People wanna know if Bianca has her free will. Some people are saying that you’re controlling.” He went on a rant about it and even called her crazy.

Kanye West dressed in his signature all-black ensemble with a mask covering his face. The rapper snatched the phone from the reporter’s hand and ranted. He said, “You think because you’re a white woman, you can walk up on me like that and ask me some dumbass s–t like that asking me about my wife if she has free will? Are you crazy?”

He asked the reporter her full name and address and said, “You got free will, or you work for the devil?” The reporter, named Melanie, kept asking for her phone back while he continued ripping her apart. Ye accused her of being ‘part of the system,’ as they didn’t question him when he couldn’t see his kids. Ye wanted Melanie to admit whether it was wrong or right to ask him the dumb*ss question to “a grown-a*s superhero,’ refering to himself. The journalist, without answering, asked for her phone back.

Kanye West demanded her to answer and quipped, “I’m supposed to answer your questions, answer my question. I got your phone now. They’re gonna arrest me for taking your phone?” He even offered to pay double to her and asked her whether she wanted to work with him.

In the comment section of r/PublicFreakout’s post about Kanye West, one user wrote, “He’s Spiraling badly right now.”

Another said, “That dude is outside his damn mind.”

One of them quipped, “Now the mask makes sense.”

A user commented, “Kanye West asking somebody else “Are you crazy?”: Priceless.”

And “Being publicly questioned and getting recorded by amateur TMZ reporters. It’s not worth it.”

Check it out here:

Kanye takes a TMZ reporter’s phone, tells her off and then offers her a job
byu/GreenSnakes_ inPublicFreakout

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