Did You Know? ‘Star Lord’ Chris Pratt Used To Eat Leftovers At The Restaurant He Worked At Before Making It Big In Hollywood!
When Chris Pratt Spoke About Eating Customers’ Leftovers During His Pre-Fame Days Saying “I Had No Money” – Watch ( Photo Credit – Chris Pratt / Wikimedia )

Chris Pratt is a talented star who first won our hearts as Andy Dwyer in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. Since then, the actor has played the lead roles in money-minting franchises including Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. But do you know about his journey in reaching where he is today?

In a 2016 appearance on a talk show, Chris was asked about his pre-fame days as a waiter and how he was almost always out of cash. While talking about working as a waiter in Beverly Hills during his struggling days, the actor also got candid about eating the leftovers of customers who dinned there. Read on.

While promoting his 2016 sci-fi romance Passengers on The Graham Norton Show on December 2, Chris Pratt recalled his pre-fame waiter days and how he would make ends meet by hobbling down customers’ leftovers. Talking to the host of those days, the Jurassic World actor said, “When you’re in Hollywood or in other places, you need a job that gives you days free so you can try to audition for projects. So I would work weekends and nights.”

Continuing further, Chris Pratt said, “I had no money. No one was coming to the restaurant so I wasn’t making any tips. I’d make, like, $20 or $30 bucks a day, maybe. So it was really a place I’d go to eat. That kitchen fed me for the time I was there.” The Tomorrow War actor added, “I’ve been busted so many times eating off people’s plates that they were like, ‘You have to stop doing that! It’s really, really bad.’

He even recalled once recommending an aged customer to go for a ‘32 pound porterhouse steak’ only so he could finish off all she couldn’t. The GOTG actor said his recommendation of the porterhouse steak went as, “Listen, here’s how you want it. Maybe medium rare, with some mushrooms, I’ll get you some mashed potatoes, you’re gonna love this, ma’am.” Unsurprisingly, the Marvel star got a scrumptious meal (that he has to gobble down fast) as the lady in question left a huge portion of it.

But that’s not the end. Chris Pratt then recalled her wanting a doggie bag (for those who don’t know, it’s the term used to describe taking leftovers home) and him coming up with a plan that led to the lady being impressed. When asked for the food to be parcelled, the actor told the customer that he had already thrown it in the trash. When she said he could just fish it out as it was “for my dog. It’s fine,” the quick on his feet Avenger member asked the cook to whip up another ‘32 pound porterhouse steak’ ASAP.

The street smart actor then went on to tell her that the garbage had been taken out but he would dive into it and bring it back to her. Impressed? Well so was the lady. Chris Pratt concluded his pre-fame waiter days story by saying, “She ended up being so happy that I would be willing to dig through the garbage for her dog that she gave me a giant tip and she left early because she couldn’t wait for the steak to be done. So, I got another steak.”

Check out Chris Pratt recalling his days of eating customer’s leftovers here:

Now, this is a story that is worth making its way into the plot of a ‘rags to riches’ storyline – don’t you think!

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