When BTS’s J-Hope Told Jimin To ‘Die’& 'Stay Away' Over An Individual Photoshoot
This ‘Anger-Filled’ Interaction Between BTS’ J-Hope & Jimin Cannot Be Missed! (Photo Credit: YouTube)

The Bangtan Boys, popularly known as BTS, are a close-knit group. Consisting of seven members – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, the boys spend most of their time together and fans love it. But just like everyone else, they too have their fair share of fights, arguments and problems. Today we are going to tell you about one such ‘fight.’

We recently came across a 2014 video of the Bangtan Boys and it shows J-Hope angry with Jimin. Wondering why, how and many such things? Well, scroll down to know the deets and also catch them in action.

From the video, shared by Bangtan Subs on Youtube in July 2014, we understand this episode between the BTS boys rose because of a photography activity planned for the BTS members. For the shoot, as conveyed in the video, only one member of the boy’s band would get a chance to pose solo while the other members had to pair up and pose. J-Hope requested for the solo shot, however, Jimin was shot solo while the former was left to pose with Jin.

The video then shows an angry J-Hope recording a video message for Jimin in which he warns his co-singer of revenge. He even throws a few punches towards the camera, giving his threat some more weight. However, J-Hope couldn’t keep a straight face through his ‘warning message’ and broke into a smile towards the end. In his warning message, the BTS singer says, “I can’t stand it anymore,” before adding “You die.” He further added, “Watch me, I’m coming for revenge.”

After a long wait, Jimin finally appeared before J-Hope and the latter tried to put up an angry front. While he ‘angrily’ said, “Stay away from me!” Jimin burst into laughter. But what followed makes the video even more interesting. It sees J-Hope asking for the camera and then him punching the air while Jimin tried to calm him down. Jimin then offered a justification as to how and why he got a solo picture clicked.

The BTS singer said, “I didn’t know I did something wrong. I just… We were supposed to take photos from Chuseok (a holiday similar to Thanksgiving in Korea) cards. When I returned, he didn’t say a single word. So I secretly took them from his hand and took the photo right there. His face was so red and veins were showing on his neck,” he said. When Jimin asked J-Hope if he was ‘really angry’, J-Hope rose from his chair and began punching again.

J-Hope then asked Jimin to go watch the ‘angry’ video he recorded for him. The video ends with the editors revealing that J-Hope got his solo shot the next day. Check out the video below.

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