When BTS' 2015 Highlight Tour Turned Into A Disaster For Their Fan ARMY, Here's Everything That Went Wrong
When BTS’ 2015 Highlight Tour Turned Into A Disaster – Read(Photo Credit –Instagram)

The South Korean boy band BTS rose to fame soon after their debut in 2013. The K-Pop band has taken the world by storm with their quirky steps and catchy tracks. Moreover, they enjoy one of the biggest fan bases in the world, known as BTS’ fan ARMY. Not only fans, but the band also entertains its fans and ensures they have a great time at their concert. However, sometimes it is outside the band’s hands to ensure a hassle-free concert, and their 2015 Highlight tour is one of its examples.

BTS has seven members, Jin, RM, Suga, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook and V. The band has been nominated five times for the Grammys but has not won any yet. As its members announced a hiatus last year, they are currently focusing on their individual careers.

Coming back to their 2015 concert, BTS’ Highlight tour was held in North America and TGM Events, and Community 54 organized it. The tour included the band’s performances in California, Texas, Georgia and Canada. Fans were extremely excited about the concerts that they even accepted the unique ticket system. According to Koreaboo.com, fans had to purchase a promotional t-shirt to attend the tour. The $70 t-shirt included both a concert ticket and hi-touch event admission, while the $50 t-shirt granted them only entry to the concert.

On the California leg of the tour, the concert faced issues with fans filling the venue. As the VIP ticket holders were not given a particular time to reach the venue, the non-VIP ticket holders filled the stands. Moreover, fans who did not pay for the hi-touch were also given the opportunity, which led to long queues outside the venue.

In Georgia, the organizers did not ensure if the venue could hold the number of fans as per the tickets. As a result, around 100 fans, who could not enter the concert were told they could still attend hi-touch. As they were waiting to enter the concert in the rain for two and a half hours, they were told BTS had left. Moreover, the fans who were waiting were provided with forms to fill in their information for a refund. It was later informed that neither BTS nor their agency Bighit Entertainment knew the fans were waiting in the rain.

In Texas, there was an issue with the band’s microphones. While BTS prepares a lot for their concerts, this tour did not do justice to their hard work.

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