When Ariana Grande Shut Down S*xist Question On A Radio Talk Show & Netizens Lauded Her Sass
When Ariana Grande Slammed Two Radio Jockey For Asking S*xist Questions, Netizens Said, “Mad Respect” ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Ariana Grande looks tiny given her petite physique and height, but boy-oh-boy, she has a loud and bold voice. Moreover, she does not use it only to sing. She uses it to give her opinion and shut down useless comments. Back in 2015, the singer slammed two radio jockeys for asking her s*xist questions. She gave them a lesson to remember about girls and taught everyone how to treat their partners better. Scroll on to learn more.

Recently, the singer made headlines for shutting down trolls for body-shaming her online. She revealed that due to anti-depressants, she looked a certain way earlier. She addressed the ‘concerns’ she had been receiving online and asked people to remember that everyone looked beautiful just the way they were. This is not the first time Ariana has handled an uncomfortable situation gracefully. She did that a few years ago, and the netizens still find the clip inspiring.

During one of the interviews, two radio DJs asked Ariana Grande a pretty s*xist question. They asked, “If you could use makeup or your phone one last time, what would you pick?” She was taken aback for a moment and then quickly reverted if that’s what they thought women’s priorities were. The 7 Rings singer asked, “Is this what you think girls would have trouble choosing between?” When the interviewers asked if she could manage without her cellphone, she said easily could for many hours.

Take A Look:

While discussing a romantic situation, she added that instead of staying busy on the phone she would be attentive towards her partner. She said, “When I’m at the dinner table I like to be present and talking..(make) eye contact.” The DJs quickly remarked that ‘ladies’ should learn from this. Ariana Grande quickly said, “Boy, learn! Boys and girls, we can all learn,” while making an equality sign. The video shared by YouTube page Goodvxk482 has garnered 16k comments and here’s what the netizens said –

One wrote, “Respect to her for shutting down his s*xist bs”

Another added, ““Boys and girls we can all learn” she just ended half of the world’s hatred and unfairness. MAD RESPECT”

A user mentioned, “Her patience for stupid men holds no bound. She literally is so patient”

The last one commented, “She snaps back and then humbles the situation like a pro”

Well, everyone can certainly learn a thing or two from Ariana Grande.

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