Anne Hathaway Once Shared How She Almost Died While Shooting Interstellar
When Anne Hathaway Almost Died OF Hypothermia Doing A Scene For Interstellar ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Anne Hathaway is a stunning performer and among many Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is a notable one. The film about astronauts travelling through wormholes to find a habitable planet left the audience mesmerised. Anne Hathaway played the role of a scientist and astronaut who accompanied Matthew McConaughey and their team in the space mission. The actress once shared how she almost died while filming a sequence for the 2014 sci-fi film. Scroll below to get all the deets.

The actress on a few occasions shared how they shot in the rugged conditions. They shot the film in Iceland and were wearing special costumes for the film. And while shooting the mishap took place.

Speaking to The Telegraph in 2014 before the release of the film, Anne Hathaway once shared how she was almost about to die of hypothermia. In one of the scenes in Interstellar Anne was supposed to be submerged in water and she was given a custom-made suit for the sequence. Unfortunately, it malfunctioned and she started drowning. She shared, “It was a scene where my character becomes submerged in water and trapped, so I go down in the water expecting it’s probably not going to be warm but I will at least be dry.”

Anne Hathaway continued, “After about 10 seconds the suit is totally full of water, I don’t know what’s happening or why, but everybody is hurting and cold so I don’t say anything about it and wonder, ‘How long can this last?'” She then revealed how she felt ‘tingly and couldn’t feel anything’. Hathaway recalled, “Well, [the scene] did last and I became tingly and couldn’t feel anything and things were starting to get a bit hazy around the edges.”

And finally, she decided to speak up and break character, she said, “I thought, ‘Chris [Christopher Nolan] is going to be way more annoyed if I die of hypothermia than he is if I speak up about it and maybe delay filming for five minutes. So I threw caution to the wind and told him what was going on.” Anne then found out that the suit was not zipped completely, as a result, it got filled with water. The Interstellar actress added how the director was not very sympathetic towards her situation and when she told him she said “‘Ok, let’s roll right now.’ And we were done. I was just really, really, really cold and it’s not that Chris sent me off to get warmed up!”

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