Andrew Garfield Agreed To Run Down N*ked For Mainstream
Andrew Garfield Once Ran N*ked For A Scene In A Movie (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Andrew Garfield is indeed one of the most desirable men on the planet and has a massive female fan following, with ladies thirsting for him. While his goods are enough to kill anyone, the actor has often swooned the audience with his amazing acting skills. Apart from his acting, the actor has fans who would just faint walking the actor running n*ked running on the streets as it apparently happened while filming a scene.

At times, Hollywood celebrities do hire body doubles to do explicit scenes or scenes which are just too much for the actor’s image. But this was not the case with The Amazing Spider-Man actor as once he agreed to run down Hollywood Boulevard wearing nothing but a fake p*nis and n*ked all by himself for Gia Coppola’s feature film, Mainstream. Read on to find out what actually happened!

For scenes which require the actor to show their body parts and get n*ked cowering, many stars often hre body double. However, the Oscar-nominated actor wanted to ace the scene and once agreed to go without clothes and wished to have a fake p*nis for a scene. Released in 2020, Mainstream had a similar scene. The director Gia Coppola once told that Andrew Garfield needed ‘no convincing’ for a n*ked scene.

As she was nervous and scared approaching the scene with the actor, she was surprised when Garfield agreed to do the scene by himself. When asked about the scene, she recalled how Andrew agreed and said, “Yeah, and I think I should have a strap-on.”

While filming the scene, Passers-by barely batted an eyelid at a n*de Andrew Garfield running around. The Mainstream director Gia Coppola wanted the scene to be completed in one take, but the actor said, “No, let’s do it again!”

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