Amy Adams Was Asked To Eat Leonardo DiCaprio’s Face Like A ‘Hamburger’
Amy Adams Had To Kiss Leonardo DiCaprio & Eayt His Face Like A ‘Hamburger’ (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Amy Adams and Leonardo DiCaprio appeared in Steven Spielberg’s biographical crime comedy-drama movie, Catch Me If You Can. While their chemistry was amazing on the screen, it was a fantastic feeling for the actress as she had admired Leonardo ever since she wanted to become an actor. While she even got to have some steamy scenes with the Oscar winner actor, Adams once shared how she was asked to eat his face like she was starving.

Released in 2002, Amy and Leonardo starrer movie, Catch Me If You Can, showed the costs, rewards, and ethical dilemmas of deception and self-disclosure in interpersonal relationships. The audiences and the critics well received the movie as it stands with 8.1/10 ratings on IMDb. However, apart from the fantastic movie, the kissing scene between the two actors made headlines as the Man of Steel actress got some interesting advice from her director about kissing her co-star.

During a conversation with Parade magazine, Amy Adams recalled kissing a lot and thinking to stop talking about the same with her co-stars as she started sounding “grossly unprofessional and boy crazy”. While sharing about the kiss scene with the Titanic actor, the actress shared how she felt when she was inches away from the actor’s face. “OK, now I’m going to kiss Leonardo DiCaprio.’ But it was more than that, I really had to go at him and climb on top of him,” said the actress.

Upon shooting the scene, she recalled the advice she got from the director Steven Spielberg and said, his “direction to me was, ‘Eat his face like a hamburger.’ Steven said, ‘You’re starving, and you’re looking at him like a hamburger or maybe an ice cream cone.’”

While the scene turned out to be perfect, Amy Adams shared her childhood crush got over with time as she worked with Leonardo DiCaprio. Let us know what do you think about it, and for more stories, stay tuned to

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