When Amber Heard Recalled Disgusting Words From Johnny Depp Asking "Did He Slip A Tongue?" After An Intimate Scene With James Franco!
When Johnny Depp Abused Amber Heard Over Intimate Scene With James Franco! ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Wikimedia )

Johnny Depp was head over heels in love with Amber Heard on the sets of The Rum Diary. It would be safe to say that a major part of their married life was drugs. The couple even consumed illegal substances during their wedding festivities. But did it actually turn out to be the deal breaker in their relationship? Scroll below as we throwback some past incidents.

As most know, Johnny and Amber have been indulged in multiple defamation suits. The 2020 UK trial was won by The Sun over an article that called the Pirates Of The Caribbean star a ‘wife-beater.’ Later, he challenged the op-ed written by Heard in The Washington Post that accused him of committing domestic violence.



Ultimately, Amber Heard had to settle the defamation case with a sum of $1 million and Johnny Depp emerged victorious. But do you remember when the Aquaman 2 actress revealed how JD had used disgusting words against her while accusing her of an extra-marital affair?

Amber Heard was set to reunite with James Franco for The Adderall Diaries after working together previously in Pineapple Express. Johnny Depp accused his then-wife of an extra-marital affair and even objected to their intimate scenes in the film.

Amber Heard had revealed in court as per Page Six, “He (Johnny Depp) had already been upset with me and accused me in many arguments about not telling him about scenes that I had, if I had a kissing scene. Any sort of romantic scene, and I wasn’t explicit about what I was going to do, then I was accused of having withheld information and hiding it from him. So I didn’t want the fight, of course, I didn’t want the argument, but I had to kind of egg-shell tip-toe around how to tell him when I had any sort of scene like that.”

Just not that, Johnny Depp allegedly abused Amber on a plane over an intimate scene with James Franco. She added, “I already know he’s drunk. I already know he’s using. He reeks of weed and alcohol. “Eventually it went from, ‘Do you have something to tell me?’ to ‘Do you wanna tell me how much you liked it? Tell me did he slip a tongue?’ It got worse. He was saying really disgusting things.”

Later videos of Amber Heard with James Franco getting intimate inside the elevator of Johnny Depp’s penthouse went viral and confirmed her alleged extra-marital affair.

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