A BTS Fan Once Threw Wads of Cash During A Concert, Here's How Jin Had Reacted
BTS Fan Once Threw Cash On Stage During A Concert & Jin’s Reaction Will Make You Smile ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

BTS has fans that adore them around the world. In fact, each country has their own unofficial fan bases that frequently splurge on its idols. The Bangtan Boys Jin, Jimin, J Hope, RM, Suga, Jungkook and V are the seven band members, which has now become popular worldwide. While talking about BTS ARMY spending money on their idols recently, the Chinese fanbase gifted Jimin something quite extraordinary for his birthday in October.

The band’s Chinese fanbase gifted customized aeroplanes with Jimin’s face on it and a birthday wish on the exterior of the planes. Along with that, they spend some extra bucks on large-scale advertisements in The Times and The New York Times for the same occasion.



It is clear that BTS ARMY goes the extra mile to express its adoration and love for the group. However, there was this one time when a fan decided to throw wads of cash at Jin and J Hope. During their September 16th ‘Love Yourself’ tour, a fan threw money on the stage, where the band was performing. According to some reports, though several people found this funny and cute many others found this disrespectful.

However, what the BTS member Jin, who was standing the closest, did with the money will make you grin from ear to ear. The handsome singer bent down and picked up the money. He then started to count it. After that, he just put it back on the floor. If the reports are to be believed, then here comes a twist. It was later revealed that it was a fake currency with Namjoon, also known as RM’s face, printed on it.

Even though it is still a mystery whether the cash was real or fake, this gesture received mixed responses from fans online. Recently, RM also celebrated his birthday, and the ARMY showered him with love on social media.

Some BTS fans took it one step further by throwing a party with virtual galleries, forest fundraisers and donation drives. Check out the post of on such party here:

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