WHAT! Brock Lesnar Is Enjoying Farming Post WWE Contract Expiration?
WHAT! Brock Lesnar Is Enjoying Farming Post WWE Contract Expiration?

It’s been a long time, we witnessed our beloved beast, Brock Lesnar, under those ropes of WWE. His last appearance was during Wrestlemania 36 against Braun Strowman, where he lost his Universal Championship to the ‘Monster among men’.


From the last couple of months, several speculations about the beast floored in. The first and the prominent one is that his contract with WWE has expired. Some reports state that the pro-wrestler is in no mood to return, henceforth, Roman Reigns has been turned into a heel. But what’s the truth? Let’s hear it from the ex-advisor of Brock, Paul Heyman.


Paul Heyman recently graced Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show, where he lifted the curtain off from several curiosities about Brock Lesnar. He confirmed that his former client isn’t under WWE contract anymore. He even added that if money is good and all other things fall in place, Brock will surely appear in the ring.

Paul Heyman further revealed what’s Brock Lesnar is currently doing. He said, ” Brock Lesnar loves being a farmer. He really does, and he enjoys fatherhood tremendously. And it’s not something that he discussed much in public, but he really is a magnificent father to his children. And a great family man, and he loves being a farmer. Right now, he is happy being a farmer.”

“If there is something that WWE or the world of Sports Entertainment can offer Brock Lesnar that intrigues him, that motivates him, that inspires him, that Brock can look at and say, ‘I aspire to rise to that occasion,’ and the money is right. The business is solid; I’m sure Brock would be willing to do it. At this moment, it hasn’t happened because it’s not there. Again, the world changes like that. It could be tomorrow that Brock Lesnar says, “Oh, that intrigues me, because again, and it’s not just a soundbyte, Brock does whatever Brock wants to do,” he added.

Well, it would be really interesting to see the next move of the beast. As Heyman rightly said, Brock is a man of his own mind, and it wouldn’t be a surprise, if he opts out for full-time farming as a profession.

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