Shakira Slapped By Gerard Pique’s Mother?
Shakira Takes A Dig At Gerard Pique After Reports Of His Mother Slapping The Singer(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Shakira is definitely not having the best of her times amidst the long going controversy after parting ways with Gerard Pique. After her breakup, the singer has taken various digs at her former beau and even released a diss track trashing her previous love life. Throughout the controversies, both celebrities have accused each other, and the former lovers have shown no remorse.

Not to forget, Montserrat Bernabéu, the mother of Pique, was also associated with the feud as she reportedly slapped Shakira in front of her kids, Mila and Shasha. Adding to the indirect digs, Shakira once again took a jab at Pique through a social media post. Read on to find out more about it.

Sportskeeda shared a sensational report by spdnoticias, which says Shakira had a fight with her ex’s mother Montserrat Bernabéu. Upon learning about Pique’s relationship with Clara Chia, the singer thought Montserrat would be on her side. However, things did not go as planned, as she discovered that his mother was already aware of the affair. The report later claims Montserrat was the first to reportedly raise hands on Shakira and that Milan and Sasha witnessed the entire incident.

Leading to all the controversy, as the Barbie trend is all over social media platforms, the Waka Waka singer posted a Barbie poster, where she is seen in the blue outfit which she wears in the “TQG” music video. The slogan on top of her head reads in Spanish, “This Barbie is orgullosa de ser Latinoamericana,” which translates to “This Barbie is proud to be Latin American.”

The context for the post can be traced a few weeks back when Pique referenced some of the vitriol he received after breaking up with Shakira. “Why should you care about them? Zero. You’ll never meet them in your life, they’re like robots,” he said upon receiving the hate from Shakira’s fans. The comments by the Barcelona player caused a lot of outrage from Latin Americans, believing that their nationality had nothing to do with the hate that Piqué had been receiving on social media.

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