Venom 3 Alleged Plot Leaks Reeals Introduction Of THIS Main Spider-Man Character
Venom 3 Will Reportedly Introduce THIS Major Spider-Man Character. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Venom 3, titled Venom The Last Dance, will reportedly introduce a main character from the Spider-Man universe. While the movie, set to release later this year, has remained tight-lipped about the plot, YouTuber 3c Films alleged he was in possession of an alleged synopsis leak.

The Youtuber revealed the introduction of a main character from Sony’s Spider-Man universe to the Venom franchise. It should be noted that Sony purchased the rights to Marvel Spider-Man for $7 million in the ’90s.

The last film, Venom Let There Be Carnage, saw Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and his Venom counterpart fleeing to an unknown island to evade the authorities after defeating Carnage. The post-credit scene showed Venom — the extraterrestrial Symbiote who speaks to Eddie in his mind – telling him about the existence of a multiverse before enticing him with the knowledge, prompting him to accept the offer.

The screen then switches to a hotel with a TV, where Eddie sees J Jonah Jameson, a reporter in the Spider-man universe, commenting about Peter Parker being Spider-man before Venom says, “That guy,” and licks the screen. Venom seemingly hinted that Spider-man would kill them.

The alleged plot leak revealed how Sony will introduce Spiderman to Venom. YouTuber 3c Films alleged Venom 3 plans to build on the last movie’s post-credit scene and introduce a young Peter Parker in the film. Venom 3 will reportedly focus on Symbiote’s obsession with tracking a 10 -year-old peter parker down and killing him before he can turn into Spide Man and kill them.

According to the alleged pot leak, human Eddie has a change of heart after encountering 10-year-old Peter Parker, with whom he establishes a bond and decides not to kill him.

Per 3C Films, Venom 3 will also introduce Symbiote Toxin as the main villain, who will use Stephen Graphan, aka detective Sam Mulligan, as a host body.

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